Sobre o Stimulsoft BI Designer

Crie, edite e visualize relatórios e painéis de controle.

Stimulsoft BI Designer helps you easily create reports and dashboards. Just connect to your data, drag it onto the template page, configure the display, and save the finished document. You can send it by email, share it on social networks or publish it on your Web site. Stimulsoft BI Designer is part of the unified Stimulsoft framework, which includes the engine to generate reports and analyze data, the report designer, and viewer. You can create a report on the computer, continue editing it in the cloud using the online designer, and view the result on a tablet screen. All reports and dashboards have a single universal format and work on any operating system.

Stimulsoft BI Designer Features

  • Report Designer - This is a standalone product that does not require any programming. It allows you to create and view reports, analyze data, and work with dashboards, export finished documents to PDF, Excel, Word, etc., save them on a local disk or in the cloud.
  • Visualize your data - Includes a well-selected set of components - charts, tables, barcodes and primitives. All components support styles and you can easily customize them.
  • Simple drag-and-drop editor - You can easily add and customize components while creating templates.
  • Functionality - Using Stimulsoft Designer, you can easily design simple reports, multi-paged reports, reports with complex calculations, conditions, functions and variables.
  • You can use more than 50 elements to create templates - bands, charts, barcodes, tables, text components, maps, indicators, and others.
  • You can publish your reports and dashboards, share them with clients or business partners, send them by email, or upload them to the cloud.
  • It includes more than 100 professional templates - invoices, insurance, and personnel reports and dashboards.
  • The designer speaks your language, it supports more than 40 languages.
  • The designer supports many databases, including SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS Access, MongoDB, Excel, JSON, XML, OData, and others.