Integrieren der OIDC/SSO-Unterstützung in Ihre .NET 8-Lösungen

März 27, 2024
ComponentSpace erweitert seine OpenID- und SAML-Bibliotheken um die .NET 8-Kompatibilität und steigert so die Produktivität und Sicherheit von Entwicklern.

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ComponentSpace is a software company specializing in developer tools for the Microsoft platform, particularly focused on secure single sign-on (SSO) solutions. Founded in 1995, they boast one of the world's leading deployments of SAML libraries, enabling developers to easily integrate secure login experiences leveraging SAML and OpenID Connect into their ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core applications.

ComponentSpace's recent product releases have added support for .NET 8 with example projects specifically targeting the latest version of Microsoft's .NET 8 framework. ComponentSpace components can now seamlessly integrate with applications developed using the latest version of the .NET framework, ensuring that developers can leverage the newest features and improvements provided by .NET 8 without worrying about compatibility issues.

.NET 8 support and example projects have been added to the following ComponentSpace products:

ComponentSpace products are licensed per developer. Licenses are perpetual and royalty-free and are available for single developers, four developers, and sites. Source Code is available as an option for Site Licenses. Priority Support is also available which provides enhanced technical support and software updates for 1 year. For more information see: