Rendern von Webinhalten in nativen Apps mit WebView2

Mai 22, 2024
PowerShell Studio 2024 optimiert das Einbetten moderner Webinhalte mit erweiterter WebView2-Unterstützung und bietet verbesserte Designertools.

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PowerShell Studio by SAPIEN is an Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) designed specifically for PowerShell development. It offers a comprehensive editing experience with features like syntax coloring, code completion, and debugging. Beyond editing, PowerShell Studio allows you to visually design GUIs for your scripts, convert them into executables, and create modules and Windows services. This comprehensive toolset caters to developers who want to streamline PowerShell scripting and extend its functionality.

The PowerShell Studio 2024 release includes enhanced support for the WebView2 control with improved access to the Assemblies dialog from the designer tab and a helper function to initialize the control. The WebView2 control, developed by Microsoft allows developers to embed web content (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) directly within native Windows applications. It utilizes the Chromium engine, which also powers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, to ensure up-to-date web standard compatibility and good performance. This functionality allows for creating hybrid applications that seamlessly blend the power and flexibility of web technologies with the familiar features and performance of native apps.

To see a full list of what's new in 2024, see our release notes.

PowerShell Studio is licensed per user and includes 1 year of product maintenance which may be renewed each year thereafter to continue to receive the latest updates. See our PowerShell Studio licensing page for full details.

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