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Bereitstellen einer intuitiven Methode zur Auswahl von Optionen mit Bildern

April 9, 2024
Bild-Comboboxen ermöglichen eine klare Erkennung von Optionen für eine schnelle, genaue Benutzerauswahl und eine entsprechend verbesserte Benutzererfahrung.

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An image combobox is a custom UI component that combines a traditional dropdown menu with the ability to display an image alongside each item. Image comboboxes can enhance user experience by providing a more intuitive way to identify and select options, especially for items that benefit from visual representation. This approach can be particularly useful for non-text-based data or for catering to users who prefer visual cues.

Several JavaScript Data Editor controls support image combobox functionality including:

  • DevExtreme Complete Data Editors (part of DevExtreme Complete by DevExpress) facilitates image combobox creation for intuitive data selection with visuals.
  • Wijmo Input and Editors (part of Wijmo by MESCIUS) empowers developers to build image comboboxes, enhancing user experience.
  • Kendo UI for jQuery Data Editors (part of Kendo UI by Telerik) offers image combobox functionality for clear and efficient item selection.
  • jQWidgets Data Editors (part of jQWidgets) enables the creation of image comboboxes for improved user interaction with visual cues.

For an in-depth analysis of features and price, visit our comparison of JavaScript Data Editors.

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Integrieren der Bild-zu-PDF-Konvertierung in JavaScript-Apps

April 8, 2024
Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++ V24.3 integriert eine neue API, mit der Sie PNG-, JPG-, BMP-, GIF- und TIFF-Dateien in das gängige PDF-Format konvertieren können.

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Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++ is a toolkit that empowers developers to manipulate PDF files directly within web browsers. Built on WebAssembly technology, it offers a secure and scalable solution for adding features like generation, viewing, editing, and conversion of PDFs to your JavaScript applications. This library, written in C++, eliminates the need for additional runtime environments, ensuring broad browser compatibility.

The Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++ V24.3 release adds a new AsposePdfFromImage API that allows you to convert image files to PDF format. This easy-to-use API grants developers the ability to integrate and automate the transformation of PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF files into universally accessible, secure, and easily manageable PDF files within web and desktop applications.

To see a full list of what's new in Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++, see our release notes.

Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++ is offered as Developer Small Business, Developer OEM, Developer SDK, Site Small Business, Site OEM, and Site SDK licenses catering to a range of business needs. Licenses are perpetual, and include 1 year of support and maintenance. Subscription renewals are also available. See our Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++ licensing page for full details.

Aspose.PDF for JavaScript via C++ is available in the following products:

Einfaches Erstellen leistungsstarker Blazor-Formulare

April 8, 2024
Syncfusion Essential Studio Blazor 2024 Volume 1 integriert eine neue Datenformularkomponente, die automatisch Formularfelder auf der Basis Ihres Datenmodells generieren kann.

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Syncfusion Essential Studio Blazor (available as part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise) is a comprehensive UI component library designed to accelerate the development of high-performance, modern web applications using the Blazor framework. It boasts over 85+ responsive, lightweight, and modular components spanning various categories such as data visualization, data editing, document processing, and interactive UI elements. This rich repertoire empowers developers to rapidly build user-friendly, feature-rich web interfaces, with seamless integration of both server-side and client-side Blazor applications.

The Syncfusion Essential Studio Blazor Version 2024 Volume 1 (25.1.35) release introduces the production-ready Blazor Data Form component, which is designed to streamline form creation within Blazor applications. It offers features such as automatic field generation based on your data model, seamless data binding for easy integration with your application's logic, and layout customization for a polished user experience. The Blazor Data Form component allows you to build complex or simple forms with minimal coding effort.

To see a full list of what's new in version 2024 Volume 1 (25.1.35), see our release notes.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Blazor is available as part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise which is licensed per developer starting with a Team License of up to five developers. It is available as a 12 Month Timed Subscription License which includes support and maintenance. See our Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our Syncfusion Essential Studio Blazor product page.

Beheben Sie alle erkannten XML-Fehler mit einem einzigen Klick

April 8, 2024
Oxygen XML Author 26.1 integriert eine Aktion, mit der alle vorgeschlagenen schnellen Korrekturen angewendet werden können, wodurch beim Umgang mit mehreren Validierungsfehlern viel Zeit gespart wird.

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Oxygen XML Author by Syncro Soft is a comprehensive XML editing suite designed for users of all experience levels. It offers a user-friendly interface for creating, editing, and publishing XML content. The software supports industry standards like DITA and DocBook, integrates with content management systems, and provides collaboration features for efficient teamwork. With its extensibility, Oxygen XML Author allows customization for specific workflows and can be further enhanced with an AI assistant for content creation and editing.

Oxygen XML Author 26.1 adds a way to execute all quick fix proposals at the same time. This feature saves you significant time by automatically applying all the suggested quick fixes for validation errors at once. Instead of manually fixing each error individually, you can address them all with a single click.

To see a full list of what's new in version 26.1, see our release notes.

Oxygen XML Author is licensed per Named or Floating user and is available as a Timed or Perpetual License with support and maintenance subscription. See our Oxygen XML Author licensing page for full details.

Oxygen XML Author is available in the following products:

Optimieren der Code-Reviews in Ihrem Python-Editor

April 8, 2024
PyCharm 2024.1 bietet GitHub- und GitLab-Benutzern ein reibungsloses Code-Review-Erlebnis und ermöglicht eine direkte Zusammenarbeit im Editor.

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PyCharm by JetBrains is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) specifically designed for Python programming. It offers a range of features to enhance productivity, including code analysis for error detection, a visual debugger for troubleshooting, integrated unit testing for code verification, and support for version control systems to manage code changes. PyCharm also caters to web development using frameworks like Django, making it a powerful tool for both experienced developers and beginners in the Python world.

The PyCharm 2024.1 release streamlines code review for GitHub and GitLab users by enabling direct interaction within the editor. This integrated review mode lets you see both original code and comments alongside changes in pull/merge requests, fostering clear communication and ensuring all developers are on the same page.

To see a full list of what's new in version 2024.1, see our release notes.

PyCharm is licensed per user, and is available as a commercial annual subscription license. We can supply new subscriptions, subscription renewals (including continuity discounts), lapsed renewals, and additional user licenses. See our PyCharm licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our PyCharm product page.