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PowerTCP Telnet supports all DEP OSs

Version 1.9 adds support for all Data Execution Protection (DEP) enabled systems.
Oktober 28, 2010 - 16:00
Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen

PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX includes functionality to allow you to manage Telnet, Remote Shell (RShell), Remote Execute (RExec), and Remote Login (RLogin) connections. Use it to write a Windows front-end for Telnet sessions, make transparent calls to Unix hosts, control network devices, upload data to a Unix host, query a router for network statistics, and a host of other remote administration uses.

Updates in V1.9.0.0

  • Now functions on all Data Execution Protection (DEP) enabled systems

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Dart Communications was founded in 1994 for the specific purpose of creating quality components designed to support Internet communication development. Dart's development teams carefully design each component for ease-of-use and maximum range of effectiveness for both beginners and advanced developers alike. The results are tools that function in many development environments, such as .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, PowerBuilder, ASP, Delphi, C++ Builder and Office 97/XP. Companies such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, America Online, Compaq Computer, American Express, and thousands of consultants and individual project teams rely on Dart's quality code, breadth of capability, and customer service. Designed in object-oriented methods, the tools easily make the change from ActiveX to .NET framework, allowing these users to transition the product as appropriate for their own environments.

Connection info in PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX.

PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX

Manage remote connections from within your application.

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