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Syncro SVN Client improves File Exporting

Easily export files from repositories.
August 03, 2012 - 13:39
Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen

Syncro SVN Client makes it easier to share documents and code between content authors or developers. This multi-platform Subversion front-end allows you to browse repositories, check for changes, commit changes, update your working copy and examine the revision history. Features include full SVN repository support for SVN versions, checkout, export, import, copy, mkdir, rename, branch, tag and delete. It also includes a synchronize view which helps you spot all incoming and outgoing changes.

Updates in V8

  • Support for SVN 1.7 - Take advantage of the latest SVN improvements and fixes
  • Extended Support for Exporting Files - Now in Repositories view it is possible to export both directories and individual files
  • Full Support for "svn add" - Starting with version 8, the "svn add" command and all its options are fully supported
  • Improved Handling of Unversioned and Ignored Directories - Syncro SVN Client can be configured to ignore content of such directories, speeding up the loading of a working copy as well as other SVN operations
  • Working Copy Data and Improved Representation - Local modification time of files and the local revision of any working copy item were added to the Working Copy view

About SyncRO Soft

SyncRO Soft is a privately held software company founded in 1998 with expertise in XML technologies including XML Schema, Relax NG, Schematron, XSLT, XPath and XQuery. Their main product, oXygen XML Editor, provides support for many XML technologies. It complies with the established standards released by W3C and enhances developer productivity through an intuitive and innovative XML IDE.

Screenshot from Syncro SVN Client.

Syncro SVN Client

Cross Platform file history and version control management system.

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