SQL Doc improves HTML Formatting

New version adds a range of new HTML documentation formatting options for greater customization.
Februar 13, 2014 - 0:00
Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen

SQL Doc is a tool which automatically generates database documentation. You can create HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word or Compiled HTML Help files. Information about object definitions and dependencies is automatically included, and you can add further descriptions to your database objects if necessary.

Updates in 3.0

  • New user interface with enhanced navigation.
  • Generate documentation in PDF or DOCX format.
  • Include or exclude any section of any object from the documentation.
  • Document new SQL Server features including sequences, file tables and column store indexes.
  • A range of new HTML documentation formatting options for greater customization.
  • Document database-level properties including recovery model.
  • Over-ride project settings from the command line to provide more flexible automation.
  • White label documentation, use your own logo and company branding.
  • Support for Windows Azure SQL Database.

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Document SQL Server databases.

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