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B4A (Android) v7.30

Integriert die Möglichkeit zum Lokalisieren der IDE.
November 13, 2017 - 9:50
Neue Version


  • Localizable IDE, currently available in 23 languages.
  • Bitmap type:
    • Resize / InitializeResize / LoadBitmapResize - Similar to LoadBitampSample but better, allows setting the image to a specific size while optionally maintaining the aspect ratio and the bitmap scale.
    • Scale property - Returns the bitmap scale.
    • Rotate / Crop methods.
  • New ResumableSub type. Makes it simple to return values from resumable subs and to wait for resumable subs to complete.
  • EditText - SelectionLength and SetSelection methods.
  • SingleLine property added to Label, Button and other views that inherit from Label.
  • Ellipsize property: None, Start, Middle, End.
  • View.SetVisibleAnimated affects the alpha level and the Visible property.
  • Warnings for illegal methods in Process_Globals.
  • Async dialogs are supported in classes.
  • Compiled libraries can reference AAR libraries.
  • Icon picker - aliases added to FontAwesome icons.
  • Auto complete and auto format improvements.
  • PhoneCalls (Phone library) - READ_CALL_LOG permission removed. It was added by mistake in a previous update.
  • Canvas.AntiAlias property to enable or disable antialiasing.
  • View.SetBackgroundImage returns a BitmapDrawable object. This allows changing the Gravity to CENTER instead of the default FILL value. Code.
  • OkHttpUtils v2.61 - Job.GetBitmapResize and PATCH, HEAD and DELETE requests.
  • Improvements to the layouts loader engine. It is more flexible with the variables types and a bit faster. This feature will allow to add cross platform views types.
  • Administrator v1.10 - Adds support for owner apps. This update requires a change in the manifest editor.


  • Bug fixes, including an important debugger bug, and other minor improvements.
Localize IDE in B4A v7.30.

B4A (Android)

Leistungsstarkes RAD-Tool (Rapid Application Developement) für die Entwicklung von Android-Apps.

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