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TeamCity 2017.2

Integriert die Docker-Unterstützung, die gebündelte .NET CLI-Integration sowie Deployment- und Composite-Builds.
November 30, 2017 - 10:42
Neue Version


  • Docker-specific build runners. Docker Build Runner, Docker Compose Runner and Docker Wrapper.
  • Docker support build feature. See information about all the Docker-related operations and events in your build on a dedicated Docker tab.
  • .NET CLI support. Extends support for the .NET CLI toolchain to building .NET Core projects. The highly popular .NET CLI plugin has been bundled and now provides the simulated behavior of the dotnet command out of the box.
  • Composite builds. Composite build aggregates the results from several other builds connected via snapshot dependencies and presents them in a single build. See the progress of the whole chain in one place, as well as failed tests, build problem notifications, and artifacts.
  • Deployment builds. Mark build configurations as deployments. The builds they depend on will then get a dedicated Deployments section on the build results page of that build, allowing you to quickly deploy the build.
  • Automatic upgrade. TeamCity now detects a new version when it comes out and notifies the system administrator. It provides a list of possible options, checks your license compatibility, and lets you download the distribution package and perform the auto-upgrade.
  • Kotlin DSL improvements. Enabling Kotlin DSL for projects doesn’t turn the admin UI to a read-only mode anymore. Project and build configuration settings stay editable and available for changes.
  • Improved plugin management. TeamCity 2017.2 provides dedicated options to manage your list of plugins. Disable or delete your plugins in the UI, and upload new ones. When uploading a plugin, TeamCity will offer a server restart from the UI.
  • The free Professional edition has been bumped up to 100 build configurations.
Docker support build feature in TeamCity.


Eine Lösung für die kontinuierliche Integration und das Build-Management.

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