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WebStorm 2017.3

Integriert eine verbesserte Code-Vervollständigung und Dokumentation für Standard-JavaScript-Objekte und -Methoden.
Dezember 01, 2017 - 15:58
Neue Version


  • JavaScript & TypeScript
    • New Pull Member Up refactoring - With this new refactoring you can now move class methods up the class hierarchy - from your current JavaScript or TypeScript class to its parent class or interface.
    • Extract type alias and interface - The new Extract type alias refactoring for TypeScript allows you to create an alias for a complex type and automatically replace all its usages with the new name. There’s also a new intention to help you convert a type alias into an interface.
    • Better code completion and documentation for JavaScript - Code completion and parameter info for the standard JavaScript objects and methods and Web APIs have been improved, these features are now powered by the TypeScript declaration files.
    • Multiple JavaScript versions in a project - If your project uses different versions of JavaScript and you want WebStorm to complain when the ES6 or JSX syntax is used in the ECMAScript 5.1 file, you can now configure JavaScript language versions per directory in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript.
  • Frameworks
    • Improvements in Vue.js support - Code completion and navigation to definitions now work for Vue props, properties in the data object, computed properties, and methods. Closing curly braces are now added automatically in Vue templates.
    • Code snippets for Vue.js - WebStorm adds a collection of code snippets for Vue. These code templates can help you save time typing some frequently used blocks of code. With a new Vue file template, you can also create new components faster.
  • Testing
    • Improved Jest integration - When running tests in the IDE, you can now use Jest’s own watch mode for faster re-runs. Run tests with coverage to see the coverage report. Then jump to the file to check what lines of code are not tested, if any. From the test window, update failing snapshots in just one click.
  • Tools
    • Easy start with JavaScript debugger - To get started with the JavaScript debugger in WebStorm, you now no longer have to install the JetBrains’ Chrome extension first. Just create a new debug configuration and start it. WebStorm will open a new instance of Chrome and seamlessly attach to it.
    • New REST Client - WebStorm introduces a new way to test APIs from the IDE. Now you can write HTTP requests in an .http file and then quickly run them with the icons on the editor gutter.
  • Code Style
    • Import code style from ESLint and TSLint - When you open a project, WebStorm will automatically import the supported code style rules from simple ESLint and TSLint configuration files. If, on the other hand, your ESLint configuration file is written in JavaScript or YAML or uses `extends`, you can now import the code style from it using the Apply ESLint code style rules action.
  • Stylesheets
    • Better support for CSS - Code completion for CSS properties and values has become more precise. It has added completion suggestions for values of transform, transition, and pointer-events properties that were missing before.
  • Version Control
    • Working with multiple branches - When you switch between branches, the IDE preserves your workspace, including the opened files, the current run configuration, and the breakpoints. This workspace will be automatically restored when you switch back to that branch.
  • Other improvements:
    • Imports are added automatically when you copy and paste code from one project file to another.
    • Use an alias for a system's node version instead of a specific version for tools and run configurations.
    • A new intention will now remind you to install a missing type declaration in TypeScript.
    • WebStorm now ships with pre-built indices for the definition files for standard JavaScript and Web APIs, which makes project opening much faster.
    • Start a Mocha run configuration with the `--watch` option, and it will re-run tests on changes using Mocha’s watch mode.
    • Now you have the option to improve code completion for JavaScript libraries with type declaration files. Press Alt-Enter on the import or require statement, and then select “Install TypeScript definitions for better type information.”
    • Use a different react-scripts version when creating and running a new project with create-react-app in the IDE.
    • Live Edit configuration was updated: to use it for HTML and CSS, enable “Update application in Chrome” in settings, install JetBrains IDE Support Chrome extension, and start a JavaScript debug session.
Code completion and parameter info for the standard JavaScript objects and methods.


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