Oxygen XML Developer Enterprise V20.1

Validieren Sie JSON-Dokumente anhand des JSON-Schemas.
Juni 18, 2018 - 15:04
Neue Version



  • Validate JSON Documents Against JSON Schema - JSON files can now be validated against JSON schemas. The schemas can be associated with the JSON file using a JSON validation scenario. You can also validate against a specific JSON schema by using the Validate with action and select the JSON schema you want to validate against. Oxygen supports validating various types of JSON, including objects, arrays, numbers, and strings.
  • Validate JSON Schema - You now have the ability to validate JSON Schema documents. Oxygen supports the following JSON Schema versions: draft-04, draft-06, and draft-07.
  • Batch Validate JSON Documents - Multiple JSON documents that are currently selected in the Project view can be validated against JSON Schemas with a single action from the contextual menu.
  • New Document Templates to Create JSON Schemas - A new document template was added to help you create a specific version of a JSON Schema document.
  • Navigate References in JSON Documents - You can navigate to the definition of a property using the CTRL + Click shortcut. Holding the CTRL key causes the references to become clickable links.
  • More Contextual Menu Actions in the JSON Editor - More actions are now available in the contextual menu when editing JSON documents. For example, the Open File at Cursor action will open a file referenced at the cursor position.
  • JSON Format and Indent Improvements - Floating point representations are now properly preserved when formatting and indenting JSON documents.


  • Content Completion Offers xsl:initial-template as a Template Name - In an XSLT 3.0 stylesheet, the Content Completion Assistant now helps you to easily set the name of a template to xsl:initial-template.
  • Improved XPath Syntax Highlighting - The syntax highlighting of embedded XPath expressions now provide better color highlighting for XPath 3.1 maps.
  • Saxon -relocate Parameter Now Supported in the Compile XSL Stylesheet for Saxon Tool - The Compile XSL Stylesheet for Saxon tool now includes a Relocatable option that can be used to control the Saxon -relocate parameter. It provides the ability to produce a relocatable export package (SEF) that can be deployed to a different location, with a different base URI.


  • Git Plugin Fixes and Performance Improvements - The add-on that adds support to work with a Git repository from within the application was updated to contain various performance optimizations, faster credential detection, bug fixes, and the ability to check out a specific branch when cloning a repository.
  • Updated DITA OT 3.x Add-on to DITA OT 3.1 - The add-on that adds support to publish DITA content using DITA OT 3.x was updated to use DITA Open Toolkit version 3.1 and the latest Oxygen WebHelp Responsive plugins.
  • Embed Images as Base64-encoded Inline Data - A new add-on is available that contributes a contextual menu action to embed all images referenced in a DITA, DocBook, or XHTML document as Base64-encoded inline data. It's helpful if you want to transfer a document with image references over media designed to deal with textual data and you want to ensure the data remains intact, or if you do not want any external dependencies for your document but you still want to use images.


  • Allow Reusing Answer to Ask Editor Variables in Multiple Places - The new ${answer(@question_id)} editor variable can now be used in conjunction with the ${ask()} editor variable to ask the end users a question and afterwards use the provided answer in multiple places in new file templates, code templates, or various other XML fragments.
  • Execute Multiple Actions Sequentially in the Button Group Form Control - The Button Group form control now accepts the oxy_compount_action function within an oxy_action_list function, making it possible to execute multiple actions sequentially.


  • New cellFragment Argument for InsertTableOperation in DocBook - The ro.sync.ecss.extensions.docbook.table.InsertTableOperation API has a new argument, cellFragment, and its value will be inserted in every cell of the table in DocBook.
Oxygen XML Developer Enterprise

Oxygen XML Developer Enterprise

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