Hydra 6

Enthält jetzt die Unterstützung für Java-Plugins und .NET-Host-Anwendungen können jetzt den Java-Run-Timecode laden.
September 11, 2018 - 10:19
Neue Version


  • Plug-in framework now includes mixing .NET, Delphi and Island code in the same app.
  • .NET host applications can now load Java run-time code and have it run (and show visually) next to your existing .NET, Delphi and/or Island application logic.
  • Java plugins can be visual or non-visual.
  • Java plugins can be written in any language targeting the Java Runtime (JVM), including the Java language itself, as well as third party languages such as Kotlin, Closure or C#, Oxygene or Swift.
  • Hydra Plugin Manager automatically detects that the plugin is a .jar file and not a .dll, and takes care of loading and hosting the Java runtime into your .NET process and instantiating your plugins.
  • Java plugins can provide custom interfaces for host and plugins to communicate with each other.
  • Hydra takes care of all the intricacies of dealing with bridging .NET, JNI and COM between your different platform code.
  • Hydra for Java plugins can be imported in Visual Studio via the same "Import Plugin" button that is already used to import Delphi or Island plugins.
  • If using RemObjects Elements, Visual Studio also provides templates for getting started with a new plugin project very easily, using Oxygene, C#, Swift or the Java language.
  • Create plugins (or plugin wrappers around existing Java code you want to reuse) using any standard Java IDE, from Eclipse thru IntelliJ.
  • Java plugins can be loaded into .NET hosts, and they can – if so desired – seamlessly co-exist with .NET, Delphi or Island plugins loaded into the same host.
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.
Hydra 6 adds a new code platform to the mix: Java.


Erweitern Sie Ihre Projekte auf die .NET-Plattform, ohne Ihre nativen Delphi / Win32-Codes zu verwerfen.

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