FastCube v2.8.0

Verbessert die Gruppierungs-und Filterfunktion und enthält Fehlerbehebungen.
September 19, 2018 - 10:45
Neue Version


  • Added group creation by condition in code and and in TfxSliceGrid menu.
  • Grouping and filtering through the axes context menu now handles selection.
  • Added TfcxCubeGrid.FilterManager property. If the property is set then grid shows filtered set of data.
  • Added class TfcxFilteredOrderedRecordSetProvider.
  • Added TfcxZoneRestriction.zrDontShowDropDown to disable showing of drop down window and a corresponding icon.
  • Added method TfcxContinuousHighlight.ImageReverseOrder to set reverse order or icon highlight.
  • Added methods TfcxSlice.SetTotalPosition(const Value: TfcxTotalPosition) and TfcxAxisContainer.SetTotalPosition(const Value: TfcxTotalPosition).
  • Added property TDimensions.DetailValue: Variant - current detail value for total calculation by formula based on subtotals.
  • Added property TfcxCubeDataColumns.VisibleIndex[ACubeFieldName: String]: integer.
  • Added automatic changing of Y-axis fields header height in report.
  • Adding/removing measure runs events OnBeforeAddSliceFieldToRegion, OnAfterAddSliceFieldToRegion and OnBeforeRemoveSliceFieldFromRegion.
  • Added chs_Created in TfcxChangeInSlice (creating base empty slice).
  • Added TfcxCustomGrid.OnCreatePainter event which allows to create an own grid painter.
  • Added schema loading/saving in AppendData.


  • Fixed error in TfcxSourceFieldProperties.AssignTo.
  • Fixed error in cells size calculation.
  • Fixed error: Integer Overoverflow in CompareSQLTimeStamp.
  • Fixed error: value does not load from database when field size greater 8192 byte.
  • Fixed error in TfcxRange.Match.
  • Fixed error of export to XLSX for collapsed dimensions.
  • Fixed errors in German translations (thanks to Ralf Stegemann).
  • Fixed declaration of TfcxChartsManagerOnNeedChart event.

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