Oxygen Content Fusion 1.1

Stellen Sie die Daten von Content Fusion über einen Backup wieder her.
Februar 25, 2019 - 12:12
Neue Version


  • Restore from Backup - A server administrator now has the ability to restore Content Fusion form a backup using a simple command.
  • Added Ability to Upgrade - There is now a supported procedure in place to upgrade the Content Fusion Enterprise server to a new version.
  • Add Custom Term Lists to the Spell Checker - You can create personalized term lists that are used to store specialized terms (learned words) or control forbidden words in the spell checker.
  • Customize Term List for the AutoCorrect Feature - The Content Fusion built-in visual editor includes an AutoCorrect feature to automatically correct misspelled words as you type. There is a default list of commonly misspelled words and symbols for each supported language, but you can modify the list to suit your specific needs.
  • Share Ownership of a Task-  It is now possible to add additional owners to an existing task so that more than one Content Author can manage the task or merge the changes in Oxygen XML Editor/Author.
  • Google/GitHub Authentication - The server administrator can enable Google or GitHub authentication so that users have the option to log in with those credentials when signing in to Content Fusion.
  • Authenticate with LDAP - The LDAP authentication configuration was improved and support was added for Active Directory LDAP authentication.
  • Component Update: Oxygen XML Web Author Version 20.1.1 - The web-based editor was updated to use Oxygen XML Web Author version 20.1.1.
  • Component Update: Ubuntu Version 18.04 - The installation kit was updated to run on Ubuntu version 18.04.
Oxygen Content Fusion

Oxygen Content Fusion

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