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Integriert das Micro Content-Authoring.
April 03, 2019 - 11:18
Neue Version


  • Micro Content Authoring - The future of content involves AI, machine learning and other technologies that allow for the intelligent flow of information. MadCap Flare gives you the ability to go beyond topic-based authoring with built-in micro content authoring. You can now create new machine and AI-ready micro content directly in the Micro Content Editor, or repurpose your existing content, such as a topic or snippet, for use as micro content.
  • Improve your search results - You can now easily add featured snippets in your search results. Add micro content in Flare with corresponding search queries to provide users with a concise piece of information, greatly improving the user experience.
  • Machine-ready Authoring - Micro content can be used to feed machine learning applications such as chatbots and other cross platform applications such as Alexa, Cortana and IBM Watson. Machine learning applications are only as good as the information they are fed – the shorter and more precise the information, the more effective and relevant the results. The information your customers seek – often already found in Help content, product documentation, knowledge bases and user manuals – is structured hierarchically, making the small, semantically rich chunks of content more easily digested by these machine learning applications. All micro content in Flare (new or existing) is tagged with unique XML extensions, making the content easy identifiable and ingested by machine ready and AI applications appropriately.
  • Enhance VR and AR Applications - Virtual and augmented reality applications often display very small segments of content associated with the visual being displayed – whether an engine part or the description of a piece of furniture.
  • Add call-outs for field-level help - Use micro content to create field-level descriptions for applications. Developers can programmatically add this content to applications to assist users and improve user experience.
  • Create FAQ Databases - The new Micro Content Editor features a question and answer pairing, making it easy to create FAQ databases based on short, concise, relevant answers to questions about products, services policies, and more.
  • Publish Flare Content Directly to Zendesk - With MadCap Connect for Zendesk, you can publish MadCap Flare content directly to your Zendesk Help Center dashboard with just a few clicks.
  • CSS Variables Reduce Clutter, Save Time and Ensure Consistency in Your Stylesheets - CSS variables - sometimes referred to as CSS custom properties - allow you to place the value for a style in one place and reuse it throughout a stylesheet. There are many benefits to using CSS variables, namely to help with speed, ease of use, and consistency.
  • User Interface Localized in Chinese - In addition to English, French, German and Japanese, the MadCap Flare UI is now localized in Chinese.
  • Enhancements for Elasticsearch - Improvements to Elasticsearch include the ability to sort the columns displayed in the main portal window by date and by search count, as well as the ability to view the micro content created for your output.
  • User Interface Improvements - The black, classic, and silver interface themes have been redesigned for a brand new look.
  • Redesigned Start Page for Easy Access to Recent Projects, Pinned Favorites and More - A redesigned Start Page makes it easy to access your projects, including the ability to pin your favorite or most commonly accessed projects to the top of your list.
  • Updated Project Library and Templates - Flare’s library of project templates has been streamlined and most designs have been updated.
Easily add featured snippets in your search results

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