ScriptCase V9.3.010

Integriert die Einstellungen für die "Actual value"-Methode im Suchfeld.
April 29, 2019 - 9:18
Neue Version


  • Added settings to "Actual value" methods in search field lookup.


  • Fixed loop problem in redirect using the sc_apl_default macro on mobile devices.
  • Fixed problem when navigating from a form to the grid through the menu breadcrumb.
  • Fixed problem when using saved search with double select field.
  • Fixed problem in label search criteria when changing grid language.
  • Fixed problem when saving search with date field, using 'between two values' date criteria.
  • Fixed problem displaying images in the header, when configured as record per page type in the Report PDF.
  • Fixed problem in list of links between applications.


Tool für die PHP-Internetentwicklung.

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