SQL Data Compare 13.7.19

Verbessert die Tabellenvergleichsfunktionen.
Juli 24, 2019 - 13:38
Neue Version


  • Tables that had no available comparison key, and hence could not be compared, are now displayed in command line output with the string 'No PK or UQ' in the 'Records' column and 'x' in the DB1 and DB2 columns, rather than entirely ignored.
  • Tables that contain no data in will be displayed with the string 'No data' in the 'Records' column and 'x' in the DB1 and DB2 columns. These will only appear if /Include:Identical is specified, as they can't form part of a deployment.
SQL Data Compare

SQL Data Compare

Vergleicht und synchronisiert SQL-Datenbank-Inhalte.

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