Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF 2019.1 build 0682

Verbessert das Scrollen, Zoomen und Auswählen für berührungsbasierte Eingaben.
August 22, 2019 - 14:31
Neue Version


  • New in SyntaxEditor
    • Improved scrolling, zooming, and selection for touch-based input.
    • Improved DefaultWordBreakFinder's logic for handling surrogate pairs and symbols.
    • Improved the editor to more efficiently update itself on highlighting style registry changes.
    • Improved the search overview pane to immediately search again when a search option button is toggled, similar to how typing in the find what textbox already behaved.
    • Updated IntelliPrompt quick info and parameter info tips to use the same background as the editor.
    • Added the HtmlContentProvider.BackgroundColorHint property that can be set to automatically select Metro light or dark-themed images based on the background lightness.
    • Improved a particular editing scenario to help keep view lines around the caret visible.
    • Improved the indent and outdent edit action logic.
  • New in .NET Languages Add-on
    • Improved resolver logic related to partial types.
    • Improved resolver logic related to member return types.
    • Improved resolver logic related to lambda parameters.
    • Updated the optional Roslyn add-on to target .NET 4.6.1 and use Roslyn v3.2.0.
  • New in Python Language Add-on
    • Improved resolver performance when the resolver searches for a bound name.
    • Improved resolution of inherited classes.


  • Fixed in SyntaxEditor
    • Fixed a bug introduced in a recent build where the caret may not be at the correct offset following a replace operation such as an auto-indent.
    • Fixed a bug in the add-on and sample text formatters where a selection was incorrectly being set via the Apply method.
    • Fixed a bug where syntax errors at the end of lines were no longer rendering.
    • Fixed a bug where empty IntelliPrompt sessions that were opened could possibly throw an exception.
    • Fixed a bug in the 'Adornments 5 - Alternating Rows' QuickStart due to recent adornments API updates.
    • Fixed a bug where the EditorView.TextInput event wasn't being flagged as handled.
    • Fixed several bugs related to the search overlay pane and search result highlights.
    • Fixed a bug with view line cache management logic.
    • Fixed a bug where move selected lines up/down could run into a loop when executed at the end of the document.
    • Fixed a bug where move selected lines up didn't work properly when the collapsed selection caret was at the end of a line.
  • Fixed in .NET Languages Add-on
    • Fixed a bug in the optional Roslyn add-on where it could load type references to internal type definitions.
Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF

Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF

Eine Parsing-Suite mit einem Editor-Steuerelement für die Syntax-Hervorbebung im Code.

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