Advanced Installer 16.3

Einfaches Vergleichen und Aktualisieren von XML-Konfigurationsdateien.
September 06, 2019 - 10:13
Neue Version


  • Compare XML files.
  • Filter new project in Start Page.
  • Oracle Java 11(LTS) and 12 support.
  • Digital signature timestamp delay option between consecutive signing operations.
  • PowerShell automation for registry and folders.
  • Prebuild check if “signtool.exe” doesn't have the necessary CRT dependency installed.
  • Allow the user to set an order, or do not order alphabetically the apps from the Application Details page.
  • Use project bundle options when generating trace enabled PSF package.
  • Pre-build validation for image scales.
  • MSIX support on Microsoft Windows 10 version 1709 and 1803.
  • Uninstall shortcut name should be unique for each package.
  • Redesign VmLauncher command line.
  • Command line support to set digital certificate file and password (PFX).
Advanced Installer Architect

Advanced Installer Architect

Ein Windows-Installer-Authoring-Tool für die sichere und zuverlässige Installation, Aktualisierung und Konfiguration Ihrer Produkte.

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