IronPDF 2019.7.0

Enthält digitale Signatur- und PDF-to-Image-Funktionen für .Net Core.
Oktober 29, 2019 - 17:56
Neue Version


  • PDF digital certificate signing functionality added for .Net Core.
  • PdfDocument.ExtractText method added for .Net Core.
  • PdfDocument.StaticRenderHTMLFileAsPdf method added for .Net Core.
  • PdfDocument.ExtractImages functionality added for .Net Core.
  • HTML Forms rendering improved for textfield and textarea.
  • PdfDocument.ToBitmap and ToImage support added to .Net Core.
  • IronPDF.License.IsLicensed property added to check key installation.
  • Support for license keys to be assigned via an appsetting.json file in .Net Core.
  • Methods to verify digital signatures modified to allow developers to detect unsigned documents.
  • HtmlToPdf.StaticRenderHtmlAsPdf(string, PdfPrintOptions) method added.
  • HtmlToPdf.RenderUrlAsPdf stability improved for edge cases in .Net Core.
  • Width and Height properties added to PdfDocument.Pages.
  • Improves BasePath support for HtmlToPdf.
  • Improves BasePath support for Html Headers.
  • Improves BasePath support for Html Footers.
  • Extends PDF opening and reading for more edge cases.
  • Supports PDF reading of read-only PDFs.
  • Extends PDF bookmark reading compatibility.
  • Allows PDF bookmarks to be added to documents with no existing outline.
  • Improves PDF Stamping methods.
  • Improves PDF Text Extraction performance.
  • Improves PDF Text Extraction support for VB.
  • PdfDocument.MetaData.CreationDate now supports UTC Dates.
  • Supports reading PDF documents which start with empty or corrupt Bytes.
  • Improves support for Azure Web Apps.
  • XML and online documentation improvements.


  • PdfDocument.ToJpegImages DPI setting issues resolved.
  • PdfDocument.ToBitmap DPI setting issues resolved.
  • Adobe Reader PDF form data display issue resolved.
  • Resolved margin control issues for Html Headers.
  • Static Async PDF rendering method hanging issues resolved for .Net Core.


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