Continua CI v1.9.1.448

Verbessert die Leistung bei der Abfrage von Changeset- und Repository-Details aus der Datenbank.
Oktober 30, 2019 - 13:39
Neue Version


  • The DotNet Core property collectors are updated to include later versions of the .Net Core runtime and SDK.
  • The queued and running build count indicators in the header now show the total number of builds for all users (rather than counting only those viewable by the current user).
  • Improvements to performance when querying changeset and repository details from the database. You should see the Repositories tab on the configuration tab load faster if you have a lot of changesets in the database.
  • Newlines are now preserved as HTML breaks in the CommentHtml property of changeset objects in notifications and expressions.
  • Improvements to the sort order of NetCore.App and SDK Version selection options for DotNet actions.


  • Fixed: Issue with missing images on build metrics charts.
  • Fixed: Error when Custom value is used for the Using field for FinalBuilder actions.
  • Fixed: Installer updated to handle missing XML attributes when updating configuration files.
  • Some third party package updates.
Continua CI

Continua CI

Automatisierte Builds und eine kontinuierliche Integration mit einem Server, der Build-Projekte zentralisiert.

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