FastReport VCL v6.5.x

Verbessert die Leistung des Berichtdesigners und der Berichterstellung.
November 29, 2019 - 13:11
Neue Version


  • Improved interface of the "DataTree", "Object Inspector" and "Classes Tree" in the report designer. Added toolbars with fast action buttons and filtering of data.
  • Added RichView.FileLink property - use it to load RTF files at prepare-time (can be used to reduce memory using for big RTF).
  • Added Columns property for GS1 Databar ES barcode.
  • Added PageFooter.PrintOnSinglePage property - override behavior of PrintOnLastPage/PrintOnFirstPage when the page is Last and First at the same time.
  • Added ReportSummary.PrintAtBottom property - allows printing the report summary at the bottom of the page.
  • Added PostScript export filter.
  • Added PPML export filter.
  • Updated converters from RB and QR.
  • Changes in LoadPreferences interface, added second parameter as Def settings container.
  • Reduced fields updating in Master-Detail link. Updates only when fields list changed (Some DS like DBX recreates fields).
  • Improved RichView synchronization in multi-thread environment.
  • TfrxPreviewForm.FFilterList moved to constructor/destructor (for custom inheritors).


  • Fixed Image Resources for low scaling values (less than 150%).
  • Fixed wrong anchor in dataset editor.
  • Fixed flickering of the data tree for internal datasets after closing preview.
  • Fixed GS1 Databar ES barcode for special case (odd count of modules).
  • Fixed GS1 Databar barcode for smooth height changing in the report designer.
  • Fixed wrong behavior of Processing property with DetailPage.
  • Fixed line break in PDF export under Windows 10 x64.
  • Fixed loading of OSM maps with '`' sign.
  • Fixed dialog Form in HIDPI called from preview (ClentHeight/ClientWidth serialized with scaled values).
  • Fixed designer flickering at show.
  • Fixed report options dialog printer list icons.
  • Fixed print dialog printer list icons.
  • Fixed Codewindow font size when save designer settings.
  • Fixed Esc key pressing when TfrxDateEditControl expanded.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect size of CellularTextObject.
  • Fixed layer's internal dataset in the Map editor.
  • Fixed Indy transport for 465, 587 port.
FastReport VCL Enterprise Edition

FastReport VCL Enterprise Edition

VCL-Bibliothek zur Bericht- und Dokumenterstellung mit Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio und Lazarus.

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