SQL Data Compare 14.1.x

Enthält Verbesserungen für die Microsoft Azure SQL-Datenbank.
Januar 08, 2020 - 15:13
Neue Version


  • Microsoft Azure Managed Instances can now take backups before deployment to a supplied URL.
  • SQL Data Compare will now install the Microsoft Active Directory Authentication Library if it is required.
  • Improved error messages around Microsoft Azure Active Directory authentication.
  • Improved labeling of authentication types to make it clearer which ones are only applicable to on-prem or Microsoft Azure SQL Database connections.
  • Compatibility with SQL Compare


  • SDC-3019: Where clause editor is now disabled for incompatible data sources.
  • The open projects button no longer has an empty dropdown.
  • SDC-3004: The command line no longer attempts to deploy tables with no comparison key.
  • SC-10654: Launching SSMS 18 from SQL Data Compare now behaves correctly when using SQL Authentication.
  • You can no longer add a backup statement to a script that is immediately run on an Microsoft Azure server, which would always cause the script to fail.
  • 'master' no longer appears on the database list for Microsoft Azure SQL Database and we no longer allow you to register it, as it is not really a full database and may have unexpected behavior.
  • SDC-2997: We no longer deselect the whole table when you have a column deselect in your project which doesn't match any registered columns, because this was causing us to deselect tables where the column was hidden by an option e.g. ignore timestamp columns.
  • SQL Data Compare no longer attempts to connect to an Microsoft Azure SQL Database to check SQL Backup install status or do folder browsing, neither of which work on Microsoft Azure SQL Database.
SQL Data Compare

SQL Data Compare

Vergleicht und synchronisiert SQL-Datenbank-Inhalte.

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