FastReport.Net WinForms 2020.2

Integriert die Unterstützung für den PDF/A-1a-Standard im PDF-Export und eine neue Exportfunktion in DXF.
March 12, 2020 - 10:23
Neue Version


  • Engine
    • Added property Report.Tag.
    • Added "AutoEncode" property for DataMatrix Barcode. By default, if true, it encodes the &1; as a symbol of FNC1. If false, the character is encoded as is.
    • Added "OnScriptCompile" event that can be called when a report script compiles.
    • Added new TextQuality: SingleBitPerPixel and SingleBitPerPixelGridFit.
    • Added an ability to split table rows.
    • Added RUB, BYN and BBYN currencies to ToWordsRu function.
  • Designer
    • Added backlighting of the band that the selected element will be located on when dragging is completed.
    • Added an ability to open SubReport page by double-clicking on its object.
    • Added an ability to change fonts for Code Tab, Text Editor and Expression Editor.
    • Added an ability to replace pictures with drag & drop.
    • Added an ability to open report file by drag & dropping.
    • Added an ability to scroll the report horizontally while holding down the Shift key.
    • Improved: when changing the window, the context menu now closes.
    • Improved: now during autosave the selected item from the properties window is not reset.
  • Preview
    • Added "About" button in toolbar of preview window.
    • Added an ability to scroll the report horizontally while holding down the Shift key.
  • Exports
    • Added export to DXF.
    • Added support of PDF/A-1a standard in PDF export.


  • Engine
    • Fixed a bug when shifting SubReport to a new page didn't work correctly.
    • Fixed a bug when the data footer breaks away from the data when the property "keep with data" is enabled.
    • Fixed generation of barcode GS1-128.
    • Fixed public API for editing exports menu in PreviewControl.
    • Fixed incorrect value of Total, if it refers to another Total.
    • Fixed a bug where the table was not transferred correctly.
    • Fixed a bug with parsing XML with hexidecimal values, e.g. "To create it:
  • Designer
    • Fixed a bug when changing parameters after adding a line caused exception.
    • Fixed a bug with creating the Intelligent Mail barcode.
    • Fixed a bug with JSON-connection in Connection Wizard.
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect drawing of horizontal guides.
    • Fixed a bug when the width of objects was reset after closing Preview with enabled right anchor.
  • Exports
    • Fixed a bug with printing of layered HTML export, when the report contains pages with landscape orientation.
    • Fixed a bug where exporting to EMF called an exception.
    • Fixed display of objects with negative height/width for layered HTML-export.
FastReport.Net WinForms

FastReport.Net WinForms

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