TX Text Control ActiveX Enterprise/XML X18

Integriert die Möglichkeit, Ziele zum Markieren von Positionen im Text zu verwenden, und dies unabhängig von anderen Elementen.
March 17, 2020 - 11:30
Neue Version


  • Form Fields - This release introduces form field processing functionality to create and deploy forms including Microsoft Word compatible fields such as checkboxes, date fields, drop-down boxes and form text fields. It is possible to create documents with fillable form fields for data collection from end-users. As part of digital transformation processes, paper-based forms can be migrated to electronic documents with many advantages, such as validation and automated data analysis. Documents created in Microsoft Word, containing legacy form fields and content control form fields can be imported into TX Text Control.
  • Form Field Export to Adobe PDF using AcroForms - TX Text Control ActiveX X18 is able to export documents with form field elements to Adobe PDF. A form is created in an Microsoft Word inspired interface, which makes it easy for users to create complex forms in Microsoft Word compatible applications. These forms can be deployed to all platforms, including Windows applications, cross-browser, cross-platform web and mobile applications and as Adobe PDF documents that can be completed using standard software packages such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader. When end-users completed the forms filling process, the form data can be collected from these platforms. If a form has been completed in a PDF, TX Text Control ActiveX can read that data and provide them as ready-to-use data objects.
  • Microsoft Word Form Field Import and Export - TX Text Control ActiveX X18 imports form fields from Microsoft Word documents including RTF, DOC and DOCX. Microsoft Word provides two different field types that can be imported: Content Control elements and Legacy Forms. Both can be imported and are converted to FormField objects available in the FormFieldCollection. Existing form elements in documents can be exported to Content Controls in MS Word in all supported formats.
  • Enhanced Document Targets - TX Text Control ActiveX X18 allows document targets to be nested within other text fields, as well as multiple targets at one input location. This allows different use-cases where targets are used to mark locations within a document without the limitation of having just one target at the same input location. This way, you can use targets to mark positions within the text independent of other elements such as TextFields, ApplicationFields or SubTextParts at the same position.
Enhanced Document Targets

TX Text Control ActiveX Enterprise/XML

Umfassende Textverarbeitung und Berichterstellung für Visual Basic 6 und COM-basierte Sprachen.

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