Syncfusion Essential Studio Windows Forms 2020 Volume 1

Integriert eine Spalte für die DataGrid-Auswahl und die Summenberechnung in das DataGrid-Steuerelement.
April 02, 2020 - 13:47
Neue Version



  • Calculate summary - This feature allows you to calculate a summary (table, group, and caption) for selected rows.
  • Display GroupCaption text with GroupCaption summary - This feature allows you to show the group caption text with the group caption summary of the columns.
  • Unbound checkbox selector column - This feature allows you to show checkboxes in a column to select or deselect datagrid’s rows. Entire rows can be selected using an intuitive checkbox in the header.
  • Gradient background - This feature allows you to set a gradient background to cells.

Excel Library

  • Pivot table enhancements - Format and convert pivot table cells with background color, foreground color, borders, fonts, etc. Also create, edit, and convert the following pivot table layouts.
    • Tabular layout
    • Outline layout

Word Library

  • Unlink fields - Word Library now allows replacing a field with its most recent result in the Word document by unlinking the field. When you unlink a field, its current result is converted to text or a graphic and can no longer be updated automatically.
  • Word-to-PDF enhancements - Word Library now provides the following features in Word-to-PDF conversions:
    • Adjust table cell size automatically based on its content during PDF conversion.
    • Keep-with-next functionality for paragraphs inside the content control.
    • Position floating items (images, shapes) with horizontal origins relative to characters.
    • Improvements in converting a Word document into a 508-compliant accessible PDF (tagged PDF) document.

PDF Library

  • Import and export XFA form data - Import and export PDF XFA form data in XML format.
  • Find extended features in documents - Find out if an existing PDF document has extended features.

PowerPoint Library

  • Headers and footers - PowerPoint Library now allows creating and editing headers and footers in Microsoft PowerPoint slides.


  • Performance improvements - Now you can load the ribbon control four times faster than before. You can also switch themes, add ribbon items, deserialize the ribbon settings, and open the
  • Memory optimization - The Ribbon control now properly releases memory after its instance is closed. It also properly clears memory after you close the Customize dialog and switch themes.
  • Right-to-left standardization - In right-to-left mode, the Ribbon control now arranges the ribbon items properly when loading and resizing. It also arranges the items properly in the customization dialog, backstage view, and quick access toolbar in right-to-left mode.

Smith Chart

  • Legend customization - This feature allows you to customize the legend border, item spacing, and the visibility of the legend.
  • Begin update and end update - This feature allows you to stop and then resume a control’s update by calling the begin update and end update methods.
Check box selector column and summary calculation

Syncfusion Essential Studio Windows Forms

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