GoLand 2020.1.1

Verbessert das Go Build System und den Go Debugger.
April 24, 2020 - 13:35
Neue Version


Go Build Systems

  • Ability to perform Tidy on go.mod file in IntelliJIDEA Go Plugin.

Go Debugger

  • Turn off C compiler optimizations by default when debugging an application.

Data Import & Export

  • A slightly pleasant usability for Dump Data dialog.

Data Views

  • Pasting dataset exceeding current data view should create new lines.

JavaScript. Frameworks

  • Vue.js: support v-slot in PHP, Twigs and other file types.
  • Support for vuex modules created via functions.
  • Vuex: support doesn't work with Nuxt.js project structure.


No subsystem

  • GoLand testing fails.

Go Build Systems

  • Parser error after renaming directory in go.mod.
  • Spellchecker should not report spelling errors in go.sum file.
  • go.mod imports are resolved outside the module.

Go Code Insight

  • Incorrect "Add function" quick-fix.

Go Completion

  • Smart completion in type cases doesn't work for pointers.

Go Debugger

  • Several debugger commands are sent at least twice to the debugger.
  • Inspecting a large map starts at offset > 0.
  • Watching a function call will call the function twice.
  • Remote Debugger shows connected state even if port is not active.
  • Debugger freezes.

Go Editing

  • Widen selection on Unicode escape marks wrong region.
  • "Bad text range" error when editing injected Go code.

Go General

  • Search everywhere show Classes instead of Types.
  • Running the "go xxx xxx" command in the Goland terminal will send a Post request, but there is no problem in the Windows 10 terminal.

Go Inspections

  • Incorrect error - "cannot call pointer method".

Data Views

  • Timestamp errors when manually appending, updating Redshift records.
  • SAP HANA updates in table editor fails due to lack of quotes.
  • Cannot Save LOB from results of complex queries (double WHERE).
  • Database result for Clikhouse shows null in non-nullable column.
  • Edit as Table: provide predefined Space placeholder for separators.
  • Selection is not restored when table is transposed.
  • Keep title text when renaming tab.
  • Data view > clone selected record (lack of icon).

IDE General

  • Noticeably Higher CPU Usage After Update to DataGrip 2020.1.1.

SQL Highlighting

  • Editor does not recognize "accessible by" clause on Package-method level.
  • SQL syntax highlight issue - Doesn't recognize `INDEXED BY` keyword.

SQL Resolve

  • Resolve MongoDB collections that are accessed using bracket notation.

No subsystem

  • .env.local, .env.development and other .env.* files have Text file type by default since 2020.1.


  • Dart code highlighting flashes on typing in 2020.1.


  • 'data-*' attributes not recognized in HTML inside xslt.


  • Quick Documentation: line breaks are not rendered in example section.
  • Awful WebStorm type checking error: "Condition is always true since types '...' and 'null' have no overlap".
  • JSDoc: Inherited <pre> elements from another class are not displayed properly.
  • UI Freeze on project opening with JSFileStubBuilder.buildStubTree.

JavaScript. Frameworks

  • Class NgxsFeatureModule is not an Angular module.
  • Suggestions for ExtJs classes do not work.

JavaScript. Inspections

  • ES/TS: Conditional expression with identical branches in ternary expression - false positive (regression).


  • Vue: "Optimize import" should keep "type" keyword.
  • Broken syntax highlighting in some TypeScript type aliases.
  • Can't start TypeScript service in projects with Yarn pnp when TypeScript is not in the root folder.
  • "Navigate | Type Declaration" does not work for union types.
  • No class name completion on default classes.
  • `Create field`intention scrambling enum order.


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