Dynamic Web TWAIN 16.1

Integriert eine Videoverarbeitungsfunktion, die Videostreaming sowie eine perspektivische Anpassung und Erfassung ermöglicht.
August 04, 2020 - 14:48
Neue Version


  • Added method that sets product key asynchronously.
  • Added methods GetSourceNamesAsync(), SelectSourceAsync(), SelectSourceByIndexAsync(), OpenSourceAsync(), CloseSourceAsync(), OpenSourceManagerAsync(), CloseSourceManagerAsync(), as asynchronous complements to their existing synchronous methods.
  • Support for showing both 64-bit TWAIN drivers and 32-bit TWAIN drivers at the same time.
  • Added APIs under Addon.Camera as a complement to the existing APIs under Addon.Webcam. Unlike the old APIs under Addon.Webcam which are good only on Microsoft Windows, the new APIs are good on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux as well as Apple iOS & Android.
  • Added built-in video processing feature which enables video streaming, edge detection, perspective adjustment, capturing, etc. NOTE: on desktop, this feature requires a webcam/camera addon license.
  • Added a feature to run a Dynamsoft Service with "Local Service"account.
  • Beta Feature - 16.1 now supports acquiring images from a remote scanner which is connected to a machine connected via HTTP. This feature is designed to enable document scanning on mobile devices.
  • Improved the speed of initializing library in WASM mode by splitting one WebAssembly file into multiple files and loading them in the background.
  • Improved memory usage by sharing the same heap among multiple WebAssembly workers.
  • Improved image decoding by removing unnecessary image processing operations as well as lowering memory usage.
  • Improved data transfer efficiency by using pointers instead of strings.
  • Improved performance by saving compiled WebAssembly code into the working process for later use.
  • This version is backward compatible with version 16.0. This means once you have installed the Dynamsoft Service for version 16.1, an application running version 16.0 also works without the need to install the Service for version 16.0.
  • The method LoadImageEx() now supports mobile platforms.
  • The Dynamsoft Service directory is now named with its version in it. For example, /DynamsoftServicex64/ is now /DynamsoftServicex64_16/. Also ActiveX related files are put into a different directory called /WebTWAINActiveX/.
Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN

Ein TWAIN-Scanning-SDK für Web-Apps.

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