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Verbessert die Suche in langen Dokumenten mit bestimmten Suchbegriffen oder Mustern.
August 14, 2020 - 13:00
Neue Version


  • Extract Text Paragraphs - In addition to searching and extracting lines of text, GcPdf now allows extracting entire text paragraphs from PDF documents.
  • Wider Range of Text Search - Now the text search works across line breaks. Text split between separate PDF text rendering operators (but appearing in the same paragraph) can also be searched and extracted. The FindText() method will now return an array of Quadrilaterals because text searches can occur across line bounds.
  • Enhanced Text Extraction Filters Redundant Text Lines - In many PDF documents, text renders multiple times in the same location, but visually it does not appear repeated in the PDF. Previously, extracting such text returned these redundant lines in the search results. With the latest release, search results will return only unique occurrences of the lines that are logically duplicated in the file.
  • Text Paragraphs in Tables - Tables with multi-line text in cells are sometimes rendered as single lines across all cells in a table row.
  • Outline (Remove) Fonts in a PDF - When a print supplier does not have access to fonts used in the PDF, the fonts must be removed before printing. GcPdf v3.2 includes page.Graphics.DrawTextAsPath. This Boolean property outlines the text and removes the fonts. The resulting PDF will look exactly like the original but with the glyphs rendered as graphics paths. This property can be used to manipulate the paths or to make it impossible to copy or search the text.

GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer

  • Advanced Search - Searching long documents with specific search terms or patterns is made easier with GrapeCity’s JavaScript PDF Viewer.
  • Text Annotation Comment/Reply Tool - Review PDF documents in collaboration with other members. The PDF Editor now includes the Text Annotation Comment/Reply tool to add review comments, user names, and status of the comment. Features included in this support:
    • Add sticky notes anywhere on the document through the context menu in the annotation’s toolbar.
    • Add comments anonymously or set the user name in the property panel.
    • Once set, the user name is stored on the client and used in subsequent replies.
    • Edit existing notes or delete comments.
    • Add a reply to the initial comment.
    • Set review status for the note in UI or program to one of the following: accepted, canceled, rejected, or complete.
  • Copy, Paste, and Clone Form Fields/Annotations in PDF Editor - For complex form design, use similar properties in all the form fields without manually setting them in each field. Copy and paste fields on the PDF form using the shortcut keys or clone the field using the Clone button in the Properties panel.
  • Align PDF Form Fields and Annotations - GrapeCity Documents PDF Editor now includes snap lines and snap margins to check the alignment of form fields and annotations in relation to each other. This allows users to align two elements (fields/annotations) to the same location within the document while designing PDF forms. Other features include:
    • Enable or disable snap alignment change alignment precision.
    • Snap to margins of a page or a control.
    • Enable, disable horizontal/vertical snap margin.
    • Use the keyboard shortcuts to snap horizontally or vertically.
    • Use keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease the size of the fields.
  • Custom Context Menu - Customize the context menu of GcPdfViewer and search selected text with any search engine.
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GrapeCity Documents for PDF

Funktionsreiche PDF-API-Bibliothek für .NET Core.

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