TX Spell .NET for WinForms and ASP.NET 8.0

Verringert ganz erheblich die Zeit zum Laden von Benutzerwörterbüchern.
Dezember 04, 2020 - 9:54
Neue Version


  • 4K DPI Awareness - Added DPI aware support for all dialog boxes.
  • Per Monitor DPI Awareness - Added support for multiple monitor setups where each display has a different scale factor, and the application is moved from one display to another.
  • Dictionary Performance - This release significantly decreases the time to load a user dictionary, and the memory footprint for loaded user dictionaries.
    • A feature of TX Spell .NET is the possibility to use multiple dictionaries at the same time for the spell checking process. This is valid for language dictionaries and user dictionaries.
  • Special Character Support - For OpenOfficeDictionaries, this release supports special character flags such as:
    • WORDCHARS to define a list of additional word characters.
    • BREAK flag that provides characters that are handled both as character and delimiter.
    • ICONV flat that defines characters that have to be interpreted as another string when spell checking text.
      • This version supports these flags in user dictionaries as well in case they are determined at the beginning of a user dictionary file.
      • TX Spell .NET spell checks documents based on these special character conditions as well.
Decrease the time to load user dictionaries

TX Spell .NET for WinForms and ASP.NET

Zuverlässige und genaue Rechtschreibprüfung für WinForms und ASP.NET-Applikationen.

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