Syncfusion Essential Studio WPF 2021 Volume 1

Integriert ein neues Fluent-Licht und dunkle Themes für alle Steuerelemente mit einer Reveal-Animationsunterstützung.
April 06, 2021 - 9:54
Neue Version


  • Common
    • Microsoft .NET 5.0 toolbox support - Added support for the toolbox via the installer.
    • Preview to production-ready controls - The following controls have been developed to meet industry standards and are now marked as production-ready for WPF:
      • Badge.
      • TextInputLayout.
  • Theme Studio
    • New fluent light and dark themes - Added new fluent light and dark themes for both framework and Syncfusion controls.
  • Skin Manager
    • Size mode - Skin Manager has a SizeMode API to change the default control sizing which adds more space around the inner elements, making them easier to tap.
    • Keyboard visual feedback - Skin Manager now supports high-visibility visual feedback when navigating with the keyboard. High-visibility keyboard feedback is enabled by default in fluent theme and you can also enable it for other themes.
    • Scroll bar mode - Added scroll bar mode support to enable a Microsoft Windows 10-like compact scroll bar in 13 themes supported in Theme Studio. Compact scroll bar mode is enabled by default in fluent theme and you can also enable it for other themes. Compact scroll bar mode shows a thin layer of thumb until users hover over the scroll bar area.
  • Numeric input controls
    • Spin button - You can now increase or decrease values using the spin button in all numeric input controls (IntegerTextBox, DoubleTextBox, PercentageTextBox and CurrencyTextBox).
  • Navigation Drawer
    • Popup menu - SubItems will now be displayed in the popup when the drawer menu is collapsed in compact and extended display modes.
    • Keyboard navigation - Navigation between menu items in the Navigation Drawer can now be done using the tab and arrow keys in the keyboard.
  • TreeView
    • MVVM support to expand nodes - Nodes can now be expanded or collapsed on loading or at run time by binding the property to ViewModel.
    • Cancel editing - Users can now cancel editing by pressing the “Esc” key. This reverses the currently edited value and returns it to its original value.
    • Editing on tap - Users can now edit nodes by tapping or double-tapping them.
  • Text Input Layout
    • Combo box and autocomplete input view - Added the ability to add the framework and Syncfusion combo box and autocomplete input views, such as ComboBox, ComboBoxAdv, and SfTextBoxExt, to the Text Input Layout control.
  • Property Grid
    • Virtualization - Property grid now loads faster using UI virtualization and container recycling.
  • RichTextBox
    • Text box shape with top and bottom wrapping style - Added the ability to preserve the text box shape with top and bottom wrapping style while viewing a Microsoft Word document.
  • PDF Viewer
    • File link annotations - Added the ability to render the file link annotations in PDF files and allows file navigation through the event.
    • Ink eraser tool - Users can now erase the unwanted parts of free hand drawings (ink annotations).
  • Ribbon
    • QAT support for custom items - Any kind of custom control, such as combo box, text box, radio button, check box, etc. can now be displayed in the Ribbon bar and QAT.
  • Chart
    • Tooltip - The default appearance of the tooltip has been improved for better UI, including the tooltip arrowhead and animation.
  • Word Library
    • Remove style - Added the ability to remove a style from a Microsoft Word document.
    • Word-to-PDF enhancements:
      • Custom shapes - Added the ability to preserve custom shapes in DOCX to PDF conversions.
  • PDF Library
    • ZUGFeRD 2.1 - Added the ability to create ZUGFeRD 2.1 compliant PDF invoices.
    • Deferred signing - Added the ability to digitally sign PDF documents with a deferred signing method. PDF documents in the server can now be signed with a client signature.
    • Elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) - Added the ability to digitally sign PDF documents with the advanced ECDSA algorithm.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Library
    • Embed a binary file as OLE - Added the ability to embed the binary files as an OLE object in PowerPoint documents.
    • Display OLE object as an icon - Added the ability to display the embedded OLE object as an icon or content in PowerPoint documents.
  • Radial Gauge
    • Animation duration - Added the ability to set the duration for pointer animation.
  • Circular ProgressBar
    • Buffer state - Uses a secondary progress indicator when the primary task depends on the secondary task. This will allow users to visualize both primary and secondary tasks’ progress simultaneously.
  • Diagram
    • Diagram Ribbon enhancement - Added the ability to apply a professional look to the diagrams with themes and variants from the Design tab. A theme in SfDiagram is a set of colors and effects that can be applied to a drawing with a single click.
    • Overview improvement - Added the ability to zoom in or out of the diagram from the Overview control by moving the slider or clicking zoom in or out buttons.
  • Image Editor
    • Circular cropping - Added the ability to crop an image in a circle or ellipse shape.
  • Smith Chart
    • Access the Smith Chart’s center, radius and area boundary values - Added the ability to access the Smith Chart’s center, radius and area boundary values.
  • Spreadsheet
    • Themes - Added Fluent, Material and Microsoft Office2019 themes support.
    • Display ToolTip - The Spreadsheet Ribbon now displays information about each command using a tooltip.
  • Tab Control
    • Auto scrolling - Tab autoscrolling makes it easy to rearrange a tab from one place to another when there are several tab items.
  • TreeMap
    • Tooltip duration - Added the ability to set the duration for tooltip animation.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Extensions
    • Item Template - The Syncfusion Item Template provides an easy-to-use wizard to add the Chromeless Window and Ribbon Window in WPF applications. Syncfusion WPF window provides an option to customize the window title bar quickly. It also comes with various built-in themes to present an appealing user interface.
Syncfusion Essential Studio WPF

Syncfusion Essential Studio WPF

Erstellen Sie WPF-Branchenanwendungen der Unternehmensklasse mit dieser Sammlung von über 100 Benutzeroberflächen-, Business-Intelligence- und Berichterstellungssteuerelementen.

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