ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2021 v1

Integriert neue .NET 5-Komponenten sowie Verbesserungen für FlexGrid.
April 08, 2021 - 13:18
Neue Version


  • New .NET 5 Controls for WinForms - The following controls are now available for .NET 5 apps: C1FlexPivot, C1Maps, C1TreeView, C1FlexReport, C1FlexViewer, C1Document, C1Input, C1Command and several themes including Expression Dark, Expression Light, Mac Blue, Mac Silver, and High Contrast.
  • FlexGrid Enhancements
    • WinForms Multi-Column Sorting - Sort the FlexGrid by multiple columns by holding the CTRL key and clicking multiple column headers. The available sorting modes are single column, column range, or multiple columns.
    • FlexGrid Grouping by Context Menu - The column context menu now has grouping and ungrouping functionality. Users can right-click a column header to group or ungroup the FlexGrid by that column.
  • WinForms Maps Control Enhancements - ComponentOne Maps for WinForms can be programmatically zoomed to center on certain items using the new ZoomToItems method. Also, customize your text markers with additional rotation angle properties.
  • German Localization Improved - The localized resources for German have been improved this release.
  • Generate Reports from Salesforce, Dynamics, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and More - Users may now create business reports from cloud data sources such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365 Sales, QuickBooks Online, Google Analytics, OData, and Kintone using the FlexReport Designer. The integration enables users to create reports in the same way as against traditional data sources by choosing fields or writing SQL queries.
ComponentOne Studio WinForms

ComponentOne Studio WinForms

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