Syncfusion Essential Studio WPF 2021 Volume 2

Verbessert Fluent-, Material- und Office-Themen mit mehr als 30 Farbpaletten.
Juli 01, 2021 - 13:27
Neue Version


  • WPF Designer Improvements
    • Smart tags have been added for all WPF controls to customize the properties easily in the designer. This support will be available for Microsoft Visual Studio version 16.10 and above.
  • Theme Studio
    • Added 30+ new color palettes in Fluent, Material and Microsoft Office 2019 themes.
  • ComboBox
    • Multiselect edit using tokens - Users can now find a suggestion list of filtered items in the drop-down list of the ComboBox and edit multiple items in the display text area using tokens.
    • Dynamic checked items - Users can now override the selected items programmatically by using the OnItemChecked and OnItemUnchecked methods of the ComboBox.
  • Currency TextBox
    • Crop trailing zeros - The currency textbox now provides an option to display currencies without trailing zeros.
  • DataGrid
    • Grid lines - This feature enables users to show grid lines horizontally, vertically or in both directions.
  • Diagram
    • Ripple animation effect - You can now display ripple animation effects when hovering over ports.
    • Stencil improvement like Microsoft Visio:
      • Multiple symbol selection - This feature allows the users to select multiple stencil symbols and add them to the diagram by simply dragging and dropping onto the diagram page.
      • Symbol rearrangement - You can now rearrange the symbol’s position within the symbol group by dragging and dropping the selected symbol to a new position.
      • Context menu support for symbols - Added a built-in context menu with cut, copy and paste items. Custom context menu items can also be defined.
      • Symbol display mode - Allows the users to display symbols in the stencil in two different modes: icons only and names under icons.
      • Search tags for symbols - You can now add more search keywords to search for stencil symbols.
  • Microsoft Word Library
    • Locale identifier for bidirectional language text - You can now access and modify the locale identifier for bidirectional language text in a Word document.
    • Parent comment - Added the option to access the parent comment instance in a Word document.
    • Word-to-PDF conversion enhancements - Word Library now supports the following underline styles in Word-to-PDF conversion:
      • DashLong.
      • Words.
      • DashHeavy.
      • DashLongHeavy.
      • DotDashHeavy.
  • Maps
    • Add multiple shapes to a single ShapeFileLayer - This feature allows users to add multiple shapes such as polygons, polylines and circles to a single ShapeFileLayer on a map.
  • PDF Library
    • PDF redaction enhancements:
      • Users can now redact PDF paths and shapes in PDF documents.
      • Added an event handler to track the progress of the redaction.
    • Remove images from PDF documents - This feature allows users to completely remove images from the existing PDF documents.
  • PDF Viewer
    • Cloud annotation - Users can now add, remove and modify cloud shaped annotations in PDF files.
    • Import and export annotations - Users can now import and export information about annotations in PDF files in the FDF and XFDF formats.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Library
    • Multi-column support - Now preserves multi-column content when converting a presentation to PDF or image formats.
  • Ribbon
    • Ribbon bar positioning - Added the ability to place the ribbon bars at right side of the ribbon.
    • Resize based on the specified order - The ribbon bars are now resized according to the order specified in the ribbon tab.
  • Ribbon Window
    • Load user control - You can now load any user control at the right side of the title bar in the Ribbon Window.
  • Scheduler
    • Background and foreground color editors in the built-in appointment editor - You can now edit the appointment background and foreground colors using the Scheduler’s built-in appointment editor.
    • Event for changing appointment reminder’s alert action - Users can now receive notification when an appointment reminder’s dismiss, dismiss all or snooze action is changed in the Scheduler reminder alert window.
  • RichTextBox
    • Text box shape with square wrapping style - This feature preserves the text box shape with square wrapping style when viewing a Word document.
  • Autocomplete (TextBoxExt)
    • Clear button support - You can now delete the whole text in a single click.
    • Highlight the unmatched text - The unmatched characters shown in the drop-down can now be styled.
    • Maximum suggestion support - You can now set the maximum number of items to be filtered.
  • Tile view
    • Reorder items programmatically - You can now reorder items of TileView control programmatically.
  • TreeGrid
    • Grid lines - This feature enables users to show grid lines horizontally, vertically or in both directions.
  • TreeView
    • Select or deselect nodes - This feature allows users to select or deselect nodes on loading or at runtime by mapping a property of the data object.
    • Select nodes on right-click - This feature allows users to select a node by right clicking on it.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Extensions
    • Project Template - Improved user experience in Syncfusion WPF Project Template. Touch support is now provided to WPF applications.
Diagram control and Theme Studio

Syncfusion Essential Studio WPF

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