ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2021 v2

Erweitert die Einführung von .NET 5-Steuerelementen und integriert neue Funktionen in FlexGrid, FlexChart, InputPanel, GanttView und FlexPivot.
August 05, 2021 - 13:38
Neue Version


  • More Support for Microsoft .NET 5 and Beyond - The following controls have been ported to .NET 5: DataFilter, CheckList, PdfDocumentSource, TouchToolkit, ColorPicker, DBNavigator, MaskedTextBox. Also, the following controls are out of beta and ready for production: C1Document, FlexReport and FlexViewer. C1PrintDocument is in preview in 2021 v2. These controls are based upon .NET 5, which means they will work with .NET 6, and are planned to continue supporting this version for future versions of .NET following Microsoft's yearly releases.
  • FlexGrid Column Pinning - FlexGrid now allows users to freeze columns or column range at runtime. Pinned columns are automatically moved to the left and frozen during scroll. Set the AllowPinning property to SingleColumn or ColumnRange to allow users to pin columns.
  • InputPanel Grid & Flow Layouts - Grid and Flow layouts have been added to the InputPanel control. In addition to the default stacked layout strategy, these new layouts provide greater flexibility to developers for designing complex business forms and layouts. These layouts are available both in Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET 5.
  • FlexPivot Axis Grouping and Pie Charts - The FlexPivotChart now supports axis grouping, which is helpful when data is hierarchical in nature. The PivotChart also now supports Pie charts.
  • Reintroducing PrintDocument for .NET - The C1PrintDocument component has been separated from the legacy C1Report component. With C1PrintDocument, documents can be completely created in code or bound to a database via a powerful and flexible data binding model. C1PrintDocument also includes preview controls, C1PrintPreview and RibbonPreview, for previewing documents with thumbnail support. These controls are available in .NET Framework and as a beta in .NET 5.
  • FlexChart Supports BreakEven Charts - FlexChart for WinForms now supports BreakEven charts. Break-even analysis is used to calculate marginal costs. This technique is widely used by production management and management accountants.
ComponentOne Studio WinForms

ComponentOne Studio WinForms

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