Telerik Reporting R3 2022 SP1

Integriert einen neuen Suchdialog und die Lokalisierungsunterstützung in den Blazor Report Viewer.
November 11, 2022 - 14:37
Neue Version


  • Improved table selection bounds and resize functionality. Selecting multiple table cells, rows and columns now provides extended resize functionality. New visual hints display what is selected and items are resized with improved accuracy.
  • Introduced DataSource property to SubReport. Added a new property which enables you to pass data from a report to an inner report, using a binding or a dedicated data source component.
  • Standalone Report Designer for Microsoft .NET 6 now supports tracing.
  • All results displayed in the Web Report Designer’s Search box, now have an explanatory hint text and title.
  • Set CacheDefinitionProperties in the report definition rather than in the application configuration file.
  • Blazor Report Viewer
    • New Search dialog.
    • New "infinite scrolling" feature.
    • Now provides a Send Email dialog.
    • Freeze table row and column headers.
    • Now supports localization.
    • Now supports report history navigation.
  • TRDX, TRDP and TRBP files created by Web Report Designer and Standalone Report Designers now use schema version 3.1.
  • Telerik Reporting references to Newtonsoft.Json have been updated to 13.0.1 for better security compliance.
  • All web assets depending on Kendo UI for jQuery (HTML5-based report viewers, Web Report Designer) now require Kendo JS and themes version 2022.3.913 or later.
Telerik Reporting

Telerik Reporting

Vollständiges .NET Embedded Reporting Tool für Web- und Desktop-Apps.

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