ComponentSpace SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core v4.6.0

Integriert Artefaktauflösungs- und Antwortereignisse.
Januar 12, 2023
Neue Version


  • Add artifact resolve and response related events.
  • Used a typed HTTP client to provide tailored configuration of client certificates etc.
  • When verifying signatures, only check the validity of the certificate used for the verification.
  • When generating signatures, use a valid (i.e. non-expired) certificate.
  • When sending a logout request, start with the most recent rather than the oldest session.
  • Include AddConfigurationResolver, AddSamlDatabaseConfigurationResolver and AddCachedSamlDatabaseConfigurationResolver convenience methods.
  • Disable SHA-1 support by default. If required, it can be enabled using the EnableSha1Support configuration flag.
ComponentSpace SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core

ComponentSpace SAML v2.0 for ASP.NET Core

Implementieren Sie SAML v2.0-Assertions, -Protokolle, -Bindings und -Profile.

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