DevExtreme Complete 22.2.5

Verbessert die Steuerelemente DataGrid, Diagram und HtmlEditor.
March 31, 2023 - 17:06
Neue Version


DevExtreme Charts & Gauges

  • Chart - A series is not rendered if aggregation is enabled and dataSource contains items with the same argument.

DevExtreme DataGrid

  • HTML JS - A custom command button's disabled function is not called when the Push API is used.
  • Angular - dxTemplate is not recognized if it is in a different component.
  • Cell values are not re-validated when they are changed via the 'editing.changes' option.
  • Columns have the incorrect width on the first render after updating from v22.1.4 to v22.1.6 if renderAsync and columnAutoWidth are set to "true".
  • It is not possible to exit a cell's edit lookup column on Apple iPad.
  • It is not possible to reset the value on mobile devices when the validation fails.
  • navigateToRow doesn't scroll to the specified record if the component is sorted against a column with 'undefined' values.
  • Repeated sorting is not applied correctly.
  • The "Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'ID' in null" error occurs on an attempt to drag a row if the page contains Angular Web Component.
  • The `TypeError: this._contentReadyAction is not a function` error is thrown after the widget is disposed of if the renderAsync property is set to `true`.
  • The Header Filter drop down shows two (Blanks) items for a lookup column if its data source has one empty item.
  • The scroll bar is not shown after a row is expanded.
  • DataGrid doesn't re-filter rows when changing a FilterRow's operation and using a getter-function in calculateFilterExpression.
  • DataGrid doesn't use dateSerializationFormat for queries that navigate to a focused row key.
  • DataGrid produces incorrect indices during drag and drop operations.
  • DataGrid sends requests to the server when a user searches data in a lookup column's Filter Row editor if remoteOperations|groupPaging is enabled.
  • TreeList jumps up when it is scrolled to the bottom if wordWrapEnabled is set to true and rowDragging is enabled.

DevExtreme Data Sources

  • CustomStore - The "Type 'CustomStore<any, any>' is not assignable to type" TypeScript error occurs.

DevExtreme Diagram

  • A shape becomes non-interactive after pressing the right mouse button while dragging this shape.
  • It's impossible to display a custom context menu above the canvas.

DevExtreme Dialogs & Notifications

  • Dialog:
    • "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'css')" is thrown when diacritical marks are used in material themes.
    • The component's element isn't removed from the DOM after pressing the Esc key.

DevExtreme Editors & Validation

  • DateBox - The "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'length')" error occurs when using useMaskBehavior in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge version 110.
  • DateBox automatically adjusts an entered value when the display format is specified and mask behavior is active.
  • DropDownBox - The popup closes when the text in the ion-text tag is clicked in v.22.2.
  • Slider - The page and slider are scrolled simultaneously if page scrolling starts before slider scrolling on Android.
  • TagBox - A tag isn't selected in certain cases.
  • TextBox - A disabled TextBox with a mask displays pasted text.

DevExtreme File Management

  • FileManager:
    • The detail menu scrollbar keeps its position when it should reset its position.
    • The Details view is loaded incorrectly in a certain case.
  • FileManager for Angular - "ERROR TypeError: notificationManager.finishOperation is not a function" error is thrown on file uploading when the notifications.showPanel option is disabled.
  • Localization - "dxFileUploader-uploadFailedMessage" and "dxFileUploader-readyToUpload" are incorrectly translated.

DevExtreme Form

  • NumberBox incorrectly resets its value with the resetValue() form method.

DevExtreme Gantt

  • Inserted tasks are partially collapsed after DataSource is updated and reloaded.
  • PDF export throws the "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'borderWidth' of undefined" error if showDependencies is false.

DevExtreme HtmlEditor

  • The mention template option depends on another HTML Editor's options although these two editors are not bound.
  • The Undo button is enabled after calling the clearHistory method.
  • "Blocked script execution in 'about:blank' because the document's frame is sandboxed and the 'allow-scripts' permission is not set" is thrown in the Opera browser.
  • Global editorStylingMode selection is not applied.
  • HtmlEditor shows [object Object] when the URL is edited and set to empty text.

DevExtreme Layout & Navigation

  • SpeedDialAction - A class specified with the elementAttr property is not applied to the button's overlay element.

DevExtreme PivotGrid

  • Content is shaking after scrolling in Microsoft Edge with zooming enabled.
  • Fields' layout is broken in an exported file if no 'data' field is defined and remoteOperations are enabled.
  • Requests are still made on sorting even if it's performed on the client side.

DevExtreme Scheduler

  • Content is shaking after scrolling in Microsoft Edge with zooming enabled.
  • The group panel is not synchronized with the date table during scrolling when material compact themes are used.
  • Scheduler re-renders appointments multiple times when resizing a window.

DevExtreme TreeList

  • Focus is lost when keyboard navigation is used and Drag-and-Drop is enabled.

All HTML JS products

  • Expression Binding - Font.Name resets to 'Times New Roman' when reusing the same XtraReport for multiple document creations.

All Vue products

  • Expression Binding - Font.Name resets to 'Times New Roman' when reusing the same XtraReport for multiple document creations.

All Angular products

  • An extra blank page may be inserted into a report's document in certain cases.
  • DetailBand.FillEmptySpace - Generation of empty bands stops after a subreport (XRSubreport) is added.
  • Export To Microsoft Excel - Incorrect values are exported when CachedReportSource is in use.
  • Expression Binding - Font.Name resets to 'Times New Roman' when reusing the same XtraReport for multiple document creations.
  • Parameters Panel - The 'Reset' button does not reset the parameter's Visible and Enabled properties.
  • Report Design Analyzer panel in Web Report Designer - Source component links don't activate the Properties panel on a click when this panel is not active.
  • Report scripts - CrossTabCellPrintEventArgs is automatically replaced by CancelEventArgs in the header of the XRCrossTabCell.BeforePrint event handler.
  • Summary is not displayed on the first page if SubBands are used.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer - The "Value cannot be null" error is thrown on opening a report when a custom XRControl is used.

Web Document Viewer

  • Cascading Lookup Parameters - The detail parameter may display incorrect values if the master parameter is changed while detail items are loaded.
  • Dynamic look-up parameters with selected "null" values are not loaded.
  • Export fails in a Web Farm environment.
  • Multi-value parameters have only one array type item to choose from.

Web Report Designer

  • A fully-qualified binding path is not created for unbound DetailReportBands.
  • Chart titles are not serialized if the end-user changes the report's Language option (localization).
  • Filter Dialog does not show available parameters of the System.Enum type.
  • GroupFooterBand.Level's max value is limited by the number of footers and not headers.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown on an attempt to modify bound method properties (Object Binding).
  • No loading indicator appears on loading the database schema in Data Source Wizard.
  • NullReference exception is thrown after clicking the "Rebuild Result Schema" button in the Field List panel.
  • Opening a localized report results in the "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'info')" error.
  • The CalculatedField.Expression property is not available on the Properties panel.
  • The report's DataMember is reset if the Label Report wizard is executed by the "Design in Report Wizard..." command.
  • Web Report Designer's Expression Editor - Auto-complete inserts extra brackets into an expression on typing a field's name under some circumstances.
  • Web Reporting - A false positive script version mismatch error occurs.
DevExtreme Complete

DevExtreme Complete

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