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AdminStudio Standard with Virtualization Pack

AdminStudio provides enterprise IT teams with a single solution to repackage software applications to either tradition MSI or virtualization formats including Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp and Citrix XenApp. Proven in benchmark tests to decrease application preparation time up to 60%, and built upon InstallShield technology.

Enterprise IT departments are under constant pressure to quickly deploy new applications, updates, and patches. But failing to properly prepare these packages for deployment poses serious risk. Deploying bad packages can crash critical applications and cost enterprises dearly in terms of help desk costs and lost productivity.

AdminStudio solutions enable enterprise IT departments to prepare reliable packages for deployment quickly and correctly. Whether you have one packaging team or multiple IT...


Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

AdminStudio 2015 released
AdminStudio 2015 released
Adds Windows 10 application compatibility testing and remediation.
AdminStudio adds Standalone Tuner
AdminStudio adds Standalone Tuner
Create transform files in the same clean environment as the standalone Repackager.
AdminStudio V11.5 SP2 released
AdminStudio V11.5 SP2 released
Leverage metadata collected during packaging.
AdminStudio updated
AdminStudio updated
Enhanced support for System Center 2012 configuration manager properties.
AdminStudio adds Test Center
AdminStudio adds Test Center
Manage the resolution of issues easily and efficiently.
AdminStudio V11 released
AdminStudio V11 released
Reduce the complexity associated with new technologies such as virtualization, user-centric and cloud computing.

Preise ab: $ 10,745.01

One software license is required per user, per machine. For example if you have 2 users each with 2 machines you will require 4 User Licenses. Maintenance Plans are only available for current products...

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