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Altova MapForce Professional Edition - Installed Users

Altova MapForce Professional Edition is a graphical data mapping and data integration tool for transforming between XML, database and flat file formats. Altova MapForce Professional Edition includes a visual data mapper that converts data instantly or autogenerates royalty-free application code for recurrent conversions. Languages for code generation include XSLT 1.0/2.0, XQuery, Java, C++ or C#, and integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse lets you access MapForce inside these leading IDEs.

MapForce includes English, German, Spanish editions. MapForce supports the following functionality:

  • Graphical data mapping 
  • Executing and saving mapping output  
  • Bi-directional XML, database, flat file and EDI data mapping 
  • Advanced data processing functions  
  • Mapping data to WSDL operations 
  • Visual function builder for creating custom functions 
  • Project view for organizing mappings 
  • Mapping multiple sources to multiple targets 
  • Seamless integration with Eclipse and Visual Studio  
  • Parsing flat files using...


Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Altova MapForce adds Data Mapping Debugger
Altova MapForce adds Data Mapping Debugger
See data flow from the source to the target, step by step.
Altova MapForce adds String Processing
Altova MapForce adds String Processing
Classify any text file component (XML, JSON, EDI, CSV, FLF or FlexText components) as a string rather than a file.
Altova MapForce 2012 released
Altova MapForce 2012 released
Adds streaming reading for large files, parse-date and parse-time functions, visual alignment guides and JDBC support.
MapForce 2011r3 adds native support for HIPAA 5010
MapForce 2011r3 adds native support for HIPAA 5010
Also provides support for XML signatures on output and support for multiple ranges in an Excel spreadsheet.
MapForce adds direct file output support
MapForce adds direct file output support
2011 release 2 adds ability to stream XML, CSV and FLF file output gives ETL projects a significant performance boost.
Altova MapForce adds VS2010 support
Altova MapForce adds VS2010 support
Professional and Enterprise editions now integrate with Visual Studio 2010 and support 64-bit code generation in C++.
Mehr Neuigkeiten

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