Axosoft includes comprehensive tools to help plan and complete your software releases effectively. It helps you see who's working on what and exactly when you'll ship. Always ship software on time using the Release Planner and burndown charts and visualize your entire team's processes, be it Scrum, Kanban, or an entirely custom agile flavor. Axosoft includes highly configurable notifications, dashboards, wiki pages and the Standup Mode to keep your team thoroughly informed.

Axosoft Features

Scrum and Bug Tracking

  • Plan - It's easier to plan sprints efficiently when you use Axosoft Release Planner to view the capacities of your sprint, team, and team members and assign work accordingly.
  • Track - Visualize progress with Axosoft's Card View. This fully interactive kanban board allows you to customize and edit item cards, add work logs, and see work-in-progress limits.
  • Release - Release on time when you have the right metrics at your fingertips. Axosoft custom dashboards...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Axosoft 22.1.1
Axosoft 22.1.1
Integriert die Microsoft OAuth 2.0-Anmeldeunterstützung für die Einrichtung von E-Mail-Konten.
Axosoft 22.1.0
Axosoft 22.1.0
Integriert die Unterstützung für das Google OAuth 2.0-Login bei der Einrichtung des E-Mail-Kontos.
Axosoft 22.0
Axosoft 22.0
Integriert eine Funktion zum Erhöhen der maximalen Anhangsgröße beim Senden von E-Mails.
Axosoft 21.0
Axosoft 21.0
Verbessert die Leistung beim Ranking von Elementen in größeren Datensätzen.
Axosoft 20.0.1
Axosoft 20.0.1
Integriert die Unterstützung für Windows Server 2019 und SQL Server 2019.
Axosoft 20.0.0
Axosoft 20.0.0
Integriert die Möglichkit zum Auswählen der Felder, die beim Duplizieren oder Kopieren eines Elements kopiert werden sollen.

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Axosoft Hosted: Hosted by Axosoft, Priced per user, per year (to continue using the software after 1 year, you must renew the annual license), Axosoft Installed: Installed by you (On Premise), Priced...

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