Devolutions Password Server 2020.x

Released: Feb 24, 2020

Updates in 2020.x


Updated Apr 14, 2020


  • Improvements
    • PAM - Accounts section,can drag and drop folder in other folder.
    • Syslog improvements - Added heartbeat and a few administrative events.
    • Web - Add Vault filter in the Expired Entry Scheduled Report.
    • Web - Admin-Email settings added validation.
    • Web - Can move entries by drag and drop in Vault tree view.
    • Web - Can now Export entries.
    • Web - Visual improvements to user Dashboard page.


  • Check In/Out On close comment not saved.
  • Console - Fix upgrade instructions not showing up.
  • Console - When changing user password.
  • Console -Fix possible database error when regenerating encryption keys.
  • Error XML on new vault properties.
  • PAM - Add missing information in Notifications for new SQL Provider.
  • PAM - Fix language inconsistencies in log messages.
  • RDP entry link to a file cannot be edited.
  • Web - Add a visual indication when you try to edit a role/user and the server does not let you.
  • Web - Deprecate entry type Login Account.
  • Web - Fix error when forcing user to change password at next login.
  • Web - Fix Google Authentication two factor registration key which was in wrong format.
  • Web - Fix resolved permissions text in entry security.
  • Web - PassPortal Always prompt for organization passphrase checkbox can't be checked.
  • Web - Password List Copy Domain/Password does not log the action.
  • Web - Sending Private Entry in Secure Message should not include folders.
  • Web - Two Factor login window not showing in IE and Safari.
  • Web - Vault - Add in root - setting cannot be changed.


Updated Mar 12, 2020


  • New Features
    • New Encryption Keys added. (It is strongly recommended to export a new Encryption backup file).
    • Web: Added a new report: Non default permission entries.
    • Web: Added a new Section in entry dashboard: Permissions - Overview of rights for the entry.
  • Improvements
    • DPS Web - Added option to clear activity logs.
    • DPS Web - Import users and roles from LDAP and Azure now has a filter.
    • PAM - Cards in dashboard can now be clicked to go to a section.
    • PAM - Reset Password Schedule now syncs the credentials afterward.


  • DPS Console - IIS application pool not properly stopped when upgrading DPS server.
  • DPS Web - Cannot see the passwords in a Password List in the Private Vault.
  • DPS Web - Credential Repository in Private Vault shows the credentials from the Shared Vault.
  • DPS Web - Fixed issue with Firefox and Safari browsers doubling all API requests.
  • DPS Web - Removes Security Groups notion in all sections when not using Legacy Security.
  • DPS Web - You can now set the Token Valid Time up to 7 days (10,080 minutes).
  • PAM - Privileged Account used for Brokering with Launcher cannot automatically check-in on connection closed.


Updated Feb 24, 2020


  • New Features
    • New Recording Server module is available to centralize session recordings.
    • You can now manage SQL accounts in the PAM component.
  • Improvements
    • Drag and drop support for file selection for attachments.
    • Licensing - automatically assign to new users.
    • Remove Local machine and database authentication type.
    • View Password on OTP is now logged.
    • Web - System Setting save changes notifications.


  • Bug - DPS Console potential crashed after upgrading it to version 2019.2.12.
  • Bug - Duo hardware token not displayed as a 2FA device on the web UI.
  • Bug - Duo setup on first login not working from RDM.
  • DPS - No 2FA prompt in Edge, Explorer and Safari.
  • DPS Web - Can't reset 2FA from Office365 users.
  • DPS Web - Permission Tab should not display in Private Vault.
  • DPS Web - Remove PAM credentials type from Web browser entries.