dotUltimate 2021.1.x

Released: Apr 8, 2021

Updates in 2021.1.x


Updated Jul 22, 2021


  • ReSharper
    • Fixed issue with empty spaces instead of inlay hints and other glitches in Visual Studio 16.10.3.
  • Rider
    • Fixed a significant performance degradation.
    • Fixed an issue with the F# type providers loader that was causing Rider not to start in some cases.
    • Fixed an issue causing changes in an F# file to be ignored when other files in the project were analyzed.


Updated Jul 14, 2021


  • ReSharper C++
    • Now works with Unreal Engine 5 from both the Unreal launcher and GitHub sources.


  • ReSharper
    • Fixed the false positive warning in NRT analysis caused by explicitly switching to pessimistic mode.
    • Fixed the issue that caused generated files to be rendered empty in some cases.
  • Rider
    • Fixed the vertical indent lines in the code editor.
    • Fixed the update notifications from plugins that were disabled.
    • Fixed the issue that caused unrelated results to be shown in Find in files.


Updated May 26, 2021


  • ReSharper
    • Fixed the performance problem on loading a solution.
    • Fixed the issue with test runner and environment variables.
    • Fixed Cleanup code – it no longer adds redundant type arguments.
    • Fixed the slow typing and freezes in Visual Studio 16.10.
  • Rider
    • Fixed the issue that led to resetting the custom color scheme.
    • Fixed the incorrect behavior of the focus on macOS Big Sur.
    • Fixed the stepping when debugging a .NET Core project.
    • Fixed the “Wrong client specification” issue in Perforce support.
    • Fixed Search Everywhere for databases.
    • Fixed several issues in web development.


Updated Apr 23, 2021


  • ReSharper
    • Fixed the issue that caused Visual Studio to freeze on debugging web applications.
    • Fixed the never-ending code analysis when Razor components contain each other.
    • Fixed the exception when running unit tests in Visual Studio 2017.
    • Fixed the incorrect handling of const rules from .editorconfig.
  • Rider
    • Fixed a number of issues in web development, such as false errors in .xaml files and Locate and Select in Solution View issues.
    • Fixed the issue that broke the Find in Files feature.
    • Fixed the issue that caused Run/Debug Configuration to disappear.
    • Fixed the issue with controls in WinForms Toolbox.
    • Fixed the issue in the Show Neighbours feature in project diagrams.
    • Brought back the missing database diagrams.


Updated Apr 10, 2021


  • Rider, ReSharper and ReSharper C++
    • Fixed licensing issue.


Updated Apr 8, 2021


  • Rider 2021.1
    • Docker Support - Makes adding Docker support to a project a lot easier. It lets you attach to a .NET process right from the Welcome Screen and intervene in the debugger process through the debugger hints.
    • Web Development - Microsoft ASP.NET developers benefit from the addition of scaffolding, including the Identity and “CRUD” Microsoft Entity Framework and route template analysis.
    • C# Support - Major update, mostly to patterns and records support.
  • ReSharper 2021.1
    • Code Analysis - Includes updates in code analysis
    • ASP.NET Core Route Templates - Adds support for route templates, ReSharper now provides structural navigation, inspections, and quick-fixes.
    • Rename in Tuples - Named tuples have been included since C# 7, but renaming the components remained a manual operation. JetBrains have put an end to it and you can now call the refactoring.
  • ReSharper C++ 2021.1
    • C++ Support - Adds support for several new C++20 and C++17 language features, adds new inspections and improves Unreal Engine support.
    • Syntax Style - Introduces a collection of syntax style settings that you can use to make ReSharper follow your chosen code style and enforce it throughout your entire codebase.
  • dotCover 2020.1
    • Updated filtering settings in ReSharper  - You can now configure coverage filters in Microsoft Visual Studio with ReSharper in the same way as in JetBrains Rider.
    • dotCover console runner as a .NET global tool  - You can install the dotCover console runner as a dotnet global tool: dotnet tool install --global JetBrains.dotCover.GlobalTools --version 2021.1.0. Use it to analyze coverage in your Microsoft .NET Core projects and unit tests.
  • dotMemory 2021.1
    • New Home Screen - Reworked the dotMemory Home screen – it is much easier to configure and start new profiling sessions, work with snapshots, and perform other basic operations.
    • Support for Linux dumps - You can now analyze dumps of .NET Core applications collected on the Linux systems using gcore.
    • Improved memory allocation analysis - dotMemory now lets you analyze memory allocation on an arbitrary time interval.
  • dotPeek 2021.1
    • Tab management - Added the ability to pin tabs. Additionally, the color of a tab indicates the type of code you will see:
      • Green represents a metadata view.
      • Brown stands for sources from symbol files.
    • Code Styles and Formatting - Updated the formatter for decompiled code with a set of options to control how the code is presented. You can now set indent style and size, select whether the open brace should be placed on a new line, and if you’d prefer to use expression-bodied members.
  • dotTrace 2021.1
    • New Home Screen - Reworked the dotTrace Home screen – it is much easier to configure and start new profiling sessions, work with snapshots, and perform other basic operations.
    • Command-line profiler as a .NET global tool - You can install and use the dotCover command-line profiler as a dotnet global tool: dotnet tool install --global JetBrains.dotTrace.GlobalTools --version 2021.1.0.