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FastReport WPF is a powerful library for report generation which allows you to create, view, and export detailed, interactive reports using a lightweight, multi-functional reporting tool. Use it to create various reports, from simple with mail merging and tabular and vertical to detailed (hierarchical) and cross-tab reports. You can also use report templates to create clear, concise, and fully formatted documents that meet the analytical requirements of your organization. Several formats are available for you to export your reports to, including: PDF, RTF, XLSX, XML, DOCX, TXT, CSV, PowerPoint, HTML, MHT, XPS, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and more.

FastReport WPF Features

  • Template designer - The standalone desktop report designer allows developers and users to create, develop, edit, view, save, export, and print custom reports without issues. FastReport WPF does not rely on Microsoft Visual Studio for report creation and editing. Instead, it features a powerful visual designer with support for scaling, undo/redo buffers, extension lines, and rulers.
    • The designer can be used at runtime, enabling your users to modify existing documents and...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

FastReport .NET 2023.3
FastReport .NET 2023.3
September 12, 2023Neue Version
Integriert ein neues RFID-Tag, um die Identifizierung von Waren zu ermöglichen.
FastReport WPF veröffentlicht
FastReport WPF veröffentlicht
September 11, 2023Neues Produkt
Erstellen, Anzeigen und Exportieren detaillierter und interaktiver Berichte.

Preise ab: $ 489.02

One software license is required per named user. Run-time royalty free. Single Named User License - Licenses an individual named user. Team License - Licenses up to 4 Named Users within the same...

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