Über ArtfulBits List Search Web Part

A combination of powerful search capabilities for SharePoint users.

List Search Web Part can be used to search for any field in any SharePoint list or column. It provides powerful capabilities for searching any standard or custom columns and it provides support for "contains", "exact", "begins with", as well as and/or conditions. Users can save, name and share search results and admins can provide and restrict the lists you can search.

List Search Web Part Features

  • Highlights search terms and keywords in the results view.
  • Save and share search filters.
  • Export search results to Microsoft Excel 
  • Set which lists are to be searchable.
  • Search standard SharePoint column types separately or in all columns at once.
  • Supports "contains", "exact" and "begins with" filters.
  • Allow users to define search criteria with and/or conditions.
  • Allow users to sort and group search results.
  • Allow users to select the columns to search.
  • Supports paging.
  • AJAX-based user interface.