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Infragistics Ultimate

Infragistics Ultimate includes advanced controls to build user interface and data visualization applications for Windows Forms, WPF, iOS, Android, Xamarin, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery/HTML 5 and Silverlight. It also includes Indigo Studio, a rapid prototyping tool which enables you to see your application without writing a single line of code. Developers can create high performance, robust, stable solutions across browsers, platforms and devices. An annual subscription is provided for developer support, source code, updates, upgrades, documentation and samples.

With Infragistics controls our developers spend less time fussing with the UI and more time focused on business logic

Paul Ballard - Director of Software as a Service, British Telecom.

Infragistics Ultimate Overview
Infragistics Ultimate offers controls built on architecture that delivers high on performance. The anchors of all toolsets are the fastest grids on the market that have been architected to bind to data sources containing millions of rows of data, displaying the first screen of data within milliseconds. All desktop, mobile and web toolsets in Infragistics Ultimate feature powerful data visualization capabilities able to analyze any type of data.



Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Infragistics Ultimate 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.20XX)
Infragistics Ultimate 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.20XX)
Enthält Updates für Android-, ASP.NET-, JavaScript-, Windows Forms-, WPF- und Xamarin Forms-Steuerelemente.
Infragistics Windows Forms 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2033)
Infragistics Windows Forms 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2033)
Dieses Korrekturprogramm verbessert Raster-, Spreadsheet-, Toolbar- und andere Benutzeroberflächen-Steuerelemente.
Infragistics ASP.NET 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2044)
Infragistics ASP.NET 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2044)
Das neueste Service Release verbessert WebDataGrid-, WebDropDown- und WebHtmlEditor-Steuerelemente.
Infragistics WPF 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2056)
Infragistics WPF 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2056)
Das neueste Korrekturprogramm verbessert Steuerelemente für Datendiagramme, Datenraster und Datenpräsentationen.
Infragistics Ignite UI 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2052)
Infragistics Ignite UI 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2052)
Dieses Korrekturprogramm behebt einige Fehler in den Raster-, Diagramm-, Baumstruktur- und Benutzeroberflächen-Steuerelementen.
Infragistics Android 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2025)
Infragistics Android 16.1 (Build 16.1.20161.2025)
Dieses Korrekturprogramm behebt Fehler in den Datendiagrammen und linearen Messanzeigen.

Preise ab: $ 1,955.10

Infragistics Ultimate Licenses: Infragistics Ultimate License Developer Subscription License: Each copy is licensed on a per developer basis. A developer may use the license on multiple CPUs as long...

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  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Class
  • .NET WPF
  • Silverlight
  • 100% Managed Code
  • Windows Runtime Controls
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