NOV Barcode for .NET

NOV Barcode allows developers to quickly and easily add barcodes to their .NET applications. The Barcode control is fully customizable and supports all industry-standard barcode formats. Barcodes are implemented as widgets, so you can easily embed them in your NOV based applications, rich text documents and reports. Features include support for 28 linear barcode symbologies, support for 2D QR Code, PDF417 2D Barcode and the ability to import barcodes into NOV text documents.

NOV Barcode for .NET helps you embed barcodes in your .NET applications quickly and easily. The solution is fully customizable and provides support for all industry standard barcode formats. The different types of barcodes are implemented as widgets, so you can easily embed them in your NOV based applications, NOV Text Editor and NOV Diagram documents.

Some of the major benefits of NOV Barcode for .NET are:

  • Support for 28 linear barcode symbologies.
  • Support for 2D QR Code.
  • Support for 2D Data...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

NOV Barcode for .NET 2022.2
NOV Barcode for .NET 2022.2
Integriert die Unterstützung für Blazor.
NOV Barcode for .NET 2022.1
NOV Barcode for .NET 2022.1
Verbessert die Darstellung und integriert die Unterstützung für Visual Studio 2022.
NOV Barcode for .NET 2021.1
NOV Barcode for .NET 2021.1
Verbessert die Darstellungsgeschwindigkeit und Reaktionsfähigkeit aller UI-bezogenen Aufgaben.
Nevron - Frühlingsaktion
Nevron - Frühlingsaktion
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NOV Barcode for .NET 2017.1
NOV Barcode for .NET 2017.1
Integriert die volle UnterstÜtzung für Visual Studio 2017 sowie Verbesserungen der Oberfläche und des Frameworks.
NOV Barcode for .NET 2016.2
NOV Barcode for .NET 2016.2
Adds new UI themes and VS project templates.

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