Oxygen XML Editor Professional

Oxygen XML Editor provides a comprehensive suite of XML authoring and development tools. It is designed to accommodate a large number of users, ranging from beginners to XML experts. It is available on multiple platforms, all major operating systems, and as a standalone application or an Eclipse plug-in. You can use Oxygen XML Editor in conjunction with all XML-based technologies and it includes a large variety of powerful tools for creating, editing, and publishing XML documents.

Oxygen XML Editor Features

  • Single-Source Publishing - The XML Editor offers preset and configurable scenarios that are one click away, allowing you to produce outputs in PDF, ePUB, HTML, and many other formats using the same source.
  • Structured XML Editing - Intuitive XML editing features and a user-friendly interface, helping you to improve the results of your work with Oxygen XML Editor.
  • XML Publishing Frameworks - Oxygen XML Editor includes ready-to-use support for DITA, DocBook, XHTML, and...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Oxygen XML Editor Professional V25.0
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V25.0
Überprüfen Sie JSON/YAML-Dokumente anhand der JSON-Schemaversion 2020-12.
Preisänderung für Oxygen XML-Produkte
Preisänderung für Oxygen XML-Produkte
Erwerben Sie alle Neu-, Upgrade- oder zusätzlichen Lizenzen vor dem 1. November und sparen Sie!
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V24.1
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V24.1
Verbessert den JSON-Schema-Design-Modus mit der Drag & Drop-Unterstützung.
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V24.0
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V24.0
Die DITA Reusable Components-Ansicht integriert die Funktion zum Sortieren von Medienressourcen.
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V23.1
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V23.1
Verbessert die Unterstützung für JSON, YAML und XSLT.
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V23.0
Oxygen XML Editor Professional V23.0
Verbessert die DITA-Erstellung und -Veröffentlichung.

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One software license is required per user. Support & Maintenance Pack (SMP) provides priority technical support and all new versions released during the SMP period. Named User License: Install and use...

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 10, 11
  • Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11), Monterey (12) and Ventura (13)
  • Linux 64-bit

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