Lancements de amCharts 5: Maps

Released: Mar 25, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.8.7


  • If a Label with background was hidden due to oversizedBehavior rule, the background was still visible.
  • Moving XYCursor with keyboard were not always properly updating adapter-populated tooltips.
  • HTML-based tooltips were not being updated properly in some cases.
  • Labels of a zero-value slices on a Venn diagram will not be displayed anymore.
  • Sankey links were ignoring dx and dy settings set on nodes.
  • A JS error could occur when loading on-demand data in some specific cases.
  • Series range...

Released: Mar 20, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.8.6


  • pancancelled event of an XYChart was not being fired in some cases.
  • When old series were removed from an XYChart and a new added, related ValueAxis was not zooming out to new data if Animated theme was not used.
  • Series.on("tooltipDataItem") was not working in some setups since 5.8.3.
  • If a ValueAxis width extraMin and/or extraMax set was being synced with another axis (via syncWith) chart could go into an SO in some setups/cases.

Released: Mar 15, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.8.5


  • New DateRangeSelector event has been added: "rangeselected".
  • New PeriodSelector event has been added: "periodselected".


  • A JavaScript error was being triggered if a Picture was disposed before external image was finished loading (since 5.8.3).
  • Inputs in DateRangeSelector were ignoring Root's timezone and utc settings.
  • Thicker stroke (strokeWidth > 1) was being ignored as a hit target for interactive elements.
  • Scrollbar grips would not update their position...

Released: Feb 22, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.8.4


  • Added a new DrawingSeries method: getIndex(drawingId). It will return the index of a drawing corresponding to a unique id, or null if not found.
  • All DrawingSeries will now add a unique drawingId to all drawing data.


  • Scale of a ValueAxis was not adjusting properly if its height/width changed during zoom.
  • Standalone DrawingControl (one that was not added to a toolbar) was erroring out when parent Root was disposed.
  • HTML content in a Label (with HTML set) was not...

Released: Feb 19, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.8.3


  • Picture's events "loaded" and "loaderror" were kicking in before actual picture was fully loaded/errored.
  • ClusteredPointSeries of a MapChart were updating clustered bullets with delay and sometimes they remained in a wrong position.

Released: Feb 16, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.8.2


  • DateRangeSelector was sometimes selecting an extra day on GapplessDateAxis.
  • Some leftover console debug messages removed.

Released: Feb 14, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.8.1


  • VolumeProfile indicator will now not let you select an unreasonably small value for its "ticks per row" setting.


  • Using DrawingControl in standalone mode was resulting in error when trying to enable drawing tool from API.
  • Volume profile indicator was taking one extra date which was out of selection in some cases.
  • If snapToSeries was set on XYCursor, tooltipDataItem was set one extra time with incorrect value on XYSeries.
  • XYSeries was not updating legend if...

Released: Feb 1, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.8.0


  • Added a new container type ZoomableContainer, which allows you to add zoom capabilities to virtually any chart.
  • Added a new ZoomTools class. Ths can be used to quickly add zoom support for elements compatible with IZoomable interface, e.g. ZoomableContainer.
  • Added new read-only property of DrawingControl: drawingSeries. It contains an object where key is a drawing tool name and values are array with references to actual drawing series.


  • Hierarchy.addChildData was...

Released: Jan 18, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.7.7


  • ariaChecked setting will now be ignored if the element also has role set to one of the following: "checkbox", "option", "radio", "menuitemcheckbox", "menuitemradio", "treeitem".


  • Paused animations no longer trigger a re-render.
  • Mouse wheel events now work properly inside of shadow DOM.
  • minBulletDistance was not being re-measured when size of a chart was changed.
  • Volume Profile was ignoring color change in its settings dialog.
  • Volume Profile when added on chart...

Released: Jan 5, 2024

Mises à jour de 5.7.6


  • One of the underlying series was not being removed when disposing MACross indicator.
  • Some of the newer indicators were not being restored.
  • autoSave: true set on DataSaveControl was not working.