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MarkUnited Kingdom5 étoile
I have recently upgraded from using VS Flex Grid with Visual Basic to using the new ComponentOne Flex Grid with .NET and I am considerably impressed with the new package. It is an added bonus that all... Lire la suite

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Anonyme2 étoile
I downloaded the entire 150mb plus thing, and mapped it to IIS, it has still yet to work for me. Too many files and modules, needs to be oragnized properly. I am not recommending this.
Nom masqué client vérifiéItalie4 étoile
Nom masqué client vérifiéItalie4 étoile
Dani client vérifiéEspagne4 étoile

There are controls in the .net 6 version that need to be polished but the ones in version 4.8 work fantastically well.

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ALBERTO CADORE client vérifiéItalie4 étoile
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