À propos de Data Abstract for Java

Créez des solutions de bases de données multi-plateformes robustes et évolutives.

Data Abstract for Java is a true Java library designed around the principles of the Java Frameworks and runtime, 100% Java byte code. Data Abstract is a framework for building fast, secure and reliable data access into your applications, from Enterprise solutions to mobile apps. Use the 100% pure Java framework to extend the range of client applications for your project to include native apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Data Abstract for Java was reinvented from the ground up to bring you the power and flexibility of a native Data Abstract client framework, in pure managed Java code, and with APIs designed to be familiar to Java developers and fit in well on the Java platform.

Data Abstract for Java
Develop native clients for Android and other Java environments, using either the Java language or Oxygene for Java. Data Abstract consists of and provides a wide range of advanced technologies that make up the framework and set it apart from other database solutions on the market. Data Abstract is available in five separate editions, for developers using .NET (and Mono), Apple Cocoa platform, Java (and Android), Delphi, and JavaScript (as well as in bundles of two or more). Each edition is written and engineered from the ground up to fit into the surrounding framework and to be a fully native solution for the development platform in question.

Connect to Virtually Any Database Type
With its flexible driver architecture, Data Abstract allows your application to talk to virtually any relational database system available. Because Data Abstract is a true multi-tier system, no database client libraries are required on the client.